Soros’ Eco-Green Party Says Defence Minister Is Too Nationalistic And Wants Him Out!

Incredible. The Eco-Green Party of Greece believes that that when you act patriotically and defend the interests of Greece then you are nothing more than a “nationalist” and dangerous for the country’s foreign policy.

Oh my… what a bad word!!!!

It looks as if the Eco-Green Party, which is represented by very “shady” individuals (and said to be sponsored by the Soros foundation), is very angry with the former Chief of Army Lt. General Frangoulis Frangos, who last week was appointed as Minister of Defense and has already gained the respect of all of the Greek people. The only group that is apparently up-to-here with him is none other than the Eco-Green party and because of this they decided to take their case to newly appointed Premier Panagiotis Pikramenos.

Representing the so called eco-party, Mrs. Kontoulis said that she was convinced that it was a wrong decision to appoint former General Frangoulis. as Defense Minister in the current caretaker government because in his past career, he had supported “nationalistic ideas. She even had the audacity to say that this would have a negative affect on Greece’s foreign policy and therefore he should be relieved immediately from his duties.

What Mrs. Kontoulis did not say is that her party is nothing more than an organ used by billionaire George Soros to spread falsifications both domestically and internationally about northern Greece and especially Greek foreign policy towards FYROM.

We all know that the Soros foundation financially supports FYROM, but we also found out over the years that he heavily funds Eco-Green party head Mr. Tremopoulos.

Our conclusion is therefore simple. The Eco-Green party is not very pleased that the NATO summit in Chicago did not even want to approach the subject of FYROM’s integration into the alliance so they decided to complain to the Greek prime minister about Frangoulis… who was just doing his job!

The party displayed the same menace back in 2008 at NATO’s Bucharest Summit where former premier Costas Karamanlis objected to FYROM’s integration until the issue of the name is resolved between both countries.

So how is Mr. Tremopoulos tied with George Soros?

What does his party represent?

And who is he planning to cooperate with at the June 17th elections?

The Eco-Green party of Mr. Tremopoulos is one of the most anti-Hellenistic parties in Greece. It is presently running with the Democratic Left Party (DHMAR) of Fotis Kouvelis. The party actually supports European anti-Hellenistic views (especially those expressed from similar Green parties in Germany and France) and there are many that charge that he is being heavily funded by Soros people to spread falsifications on matters that deal with northern Greece and FYROM.

Read the story at the link below, which was featured on inews (the
story is in Greek) and you can cross reference all this information.
news article reference

References to the article

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