George Soros – Sponsor Of The Papandreou Family?

On the 2010 tax return of the OPEN SOCIETY Foundation (which is owned by George Soros), we find out that its operators in the Greek capital are Mr. Samer Younis and Mr. Sabbagh Khoury, (who live in the northern Greek suburbs). Apparently they decided to make a financial donation to a company on 62 Avenue B Avenue, Maroussi.

So far there is nothing “strange”.



The address mentioned above is the headquarters of the Consolidated Contracts Company (CCC), and according to press reports it is a company which was sponsored by I4SENCE. Yes, the same I4SENCE which Andreas Papandreou is
part of (or the brother of former Prime Minister George Papandreou) and which has come under great controversy over the last two years, The (news about this) institute has shaken the Greek political world and (especially) the blogosphere, because there are strong suspicions of embezzlement and conflicts of interests involved.


Good old George participated in the events that were organized by CCC, along with former PASOK minister Theodore Pangalos.

This evidence is enough for anyone to draw their own conclusions.

Here are the tax returns, as published on the makeleio news site

To read more about the infamous I4SENCE Company and the involvement of the Papandreou’s family, please click here.


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