Dora Returns To New Democracy

Antonis Samaras and Dora Bakoyannis agreed to cooperate at the upcoming June 17 elections. The deal was apparently finalized late Sunday and official announcements are expected on Monday afternoon, after the meeting of the two party presidents. Press reports in Athens say that Bakoyannis will now dissolve her Democratic Alliance party, and she will thus be placed on the ND State ballot.

Lefteris Avgenakis, Chris Markogiannakis, George Kontogiannis, Dimitris Zafiriadis and John Economou, former MPs and members of Bakoyannis’ party will also defect to ND and appaently will run with the conservatives on June 17. Within the next few days former members of LAOS, Thanasis Plevris and Kyriakos Velopoulos are expected to join ND. According to reports Kostas Kiltidis will also be returning to ND.


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