SUNDAY AT THE MOVIES – "Hacking" Democracy

When you can’t control the Politicians or the voters, then you control the counting!

The documentary, first broadcast on HBO and exposes the dangers of voting machines used during America’s mid term and presidential elections. Electronic voting machines count approximately 90% of America’s votes in county, state and federal elections. This is a very interesting documentary that must be a mandatory material for every school course in social studies, every computer science college degree , and in general for anybody who sincerely cares about democracy. Watch this movie, and then tell me if you can come up with any other, or better, solution than to hand count, and recount, paper ballots marked with indelible ink, and posted in plain view of a watchful public. I’m all ears while waiting for any and all answers. If you come to the conclusion I have, then just perhaps your children, and their children’s children’s kids, just for starters, will thank you…… “Hacking Democracy” was Executive Produced by Sarah Teale & Sian Edwards of Teale-Edwards Productions LLC



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