FYROM Defence Minister Asks To See Greek Counterpart At NATO Summit – Greece Says Loud NO

As soon as Defence Minister: Fragkos Fragkoulis (former Chief of Staff) landed in Chicago to take part in the 2012 NATO summit, he was informed that his FYROM counterpart wanted to meet with him. The Minister’s answer… a big loud “NO”.

FYROM and Turkey are working side by side at the NATO Summit to push for FYROM’s integration into the alliance, even though it is not formerly on the agenda, a report on the onalert military news site said.

The move by FYROM to meet with the Greek Defence Minister ahead of the Summit, only proves that they (Turkey included) are becoming desperate since they see that our allies are not going to even approach the subject at this alliance meeting. But even if they did… we have the former Chief of Staff there to defend Greece’s position and together with (patriot) Foreign Minister Petros Molyviatis (who was FM under the Karamanlis government) we are confident that our delegation will be represented well.

This is good news for Greece.

Editor’s Note – We can’t hold back our relief, and our smiles. This is what happens when you place the right man, in the right
position. Our politicians should seriously consider keeping Fragkos Fragkoulis in his
position long after the June 17 elections. He is not a professional
politician and from what we see, he is a true patriot. These are the kind of people we want to see leading our country.


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