VIDEO REPORT – Cyprus Condemns New Turkish Threats On EEZ

Cyprus Government will pursue its plans as regards the second licensing round for hydrocarbons in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) despite the threats and the aggressive stance shown by Ankara, the President of the Republic Demetris Christofias said on Friday. Speaking during the opening ceremony of the 37th Cyprus International State Fair in Nicosia, the President said that the strong interest shown by international bidders during the second licensing round has drawn an aggressive response by Ankara. He assured however that “we will continue our course, for the interest of the people of Cyprus”. President Christofias underlined that the discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ EEZ has opened new horizons for growth in many sectors and has strengthen the county’s geostrategic role in Europe and internationally. “This is a reality, despite the extreme and aggressive stance of Ankara and we will courageously continue with our planning, having in mind that we are an EU and UN member state, a peaceful state that aspires to create conditions for friendship, peace and wealth for all its citizens”, he stressed.


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