SHOCKING – Merkel To Papoulias – Karolos How Much Does Tsipras Want?

The kourdistoportocali news site just released an explosive report that exposes the telephone conversation between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias that was held on Friday morning and is already stirring up a lot of controversy in Athens. The news site had announced at 16:00 on Friday that it would release the text of the telephone conversation, and according to the site, this is what forced Papoulias’ staff to publish some of the conversation later on in the day. Greek officials said Chancellor Angela Merkel had suggested Greece could hold a referendum on the euro when it votes in national elections next month but immediately Berlin reacted and German officials denied that she had made such a proposal. This is the telephone conversation according to the kourdistoportocali news site.

MERKEL – Karolos how are you?

PAPOULIAS – Let’s say I am good Mrs. Merkel. When people are suffering leaders cannot feel good…

MERKEL – – You’re right Karolos. We also suffered in Eastern Germany. I imagine your wife has spoken to  you about the struggle of the German people. Really, how is your wife?

PAPOULIAS – Fine Mrs. Merkel. You should know, she admires you and is a strict German like you …

MERKEL – May she be well. As a peoples (Germans) we are more disciplined than you (Greeks) but we (German) women give ourselves when we love. While you, the Greek men, often get carried away by your spontaneity. i remember you Karolos, when you were close to Andreas and Dimitra (Papandreou), you had lost your mind. You pursued younger women. You should take care, because the years roll by and someone needs to take care of you.

PAPOULIAS – I can not say that you are wrong. Luckily I have my beloved wife …

MERKEL – Karolos, have you Greeks gone mad? What is this I hear about this Tsipras who wants to pull Greece out of the Memorandum?

PAPOULIAS – He is young, a nice guy, but he has the audacity of youth. I think he will mature.

MERKEL – How much does he want?

PAPOULIAS – What do you mean Mrs. Merkel?

MERKEL – You know Karolos… Just like Siemens… we take care in “ripening” our interlocutors (co-discussers) in the Greek manner that was taught to us by Socrates, the philosopher. We were always “generous” towards you. So put someone to ask ask “the little guy” how much he wants to be sweetened …

PAPOULIAS – I do not think its about money. I think its youthful obsessions …

MERKEL – Come now Karolos, We are going to worry ourselves with the obsessions of Tsipras? After all you must decide if you want to stay in the euro. I would recommend to do a referendum and the elections together on this issue.

PAPOULIAS – What are you saying Mrs. Merkel? Papandreou dared to speak about a referendum and he was eradicated. How will the markets react?

MERKEL – What markets Karolos? We are buying everything you see … What do you think the outcome will be at the next election?

PAPOULIAS – I think a government will be formed. I see Mr. Kammenos, the leader of the Independent Greek party, and Mr. Kouvelis, a small party of the Left as being positive.

MERKEL – Karolos, how much does Kammenos and Kouvelis want? Do not hesitate to tell me … Besides, in order to help I ordered Samaras to take back Dora and Karazaferis who are my own people. I control them. Make sure you grasp Tsipras and Kouvelis. Those leftists make me want to throw up …

PAPOULIAS – Okay, Mrs. Merkel. I’ll try and think everything will go well …

MERKEL – Yes Karolos. Everything will go well …

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