SPECIAL REPORT – What is Good For the Goose Is Not Good For the Gander? Get Real!

Belgium did not have a government for 514 days… and the international media totally ignored this. At least 14 banks were totally destroyed in Denmark and the international media ignored this as well. Portugal has been suffering from a severe recession on account of the global economic crisis, but again the international media is ignoring this (but in this case it is because this is the native country of European Commissioner Manuel Barosso and it just would not be “proper”.) In fact Belgium and Denmark were in a worst position than Greece when the crisis broke out but they were never “slapped” and “targeted” by other Eurozone nations and their media.

We had Der Spiegel -who worked on behalf of the Bundesbank- and the BBC -who  worked on behalf of Nuberger Bergman (which represents the House of Rothschild and is the number one investor in the Athens Stock Exchange and owner of the Greek central bank) present a Greece that was standing on a cliff and ready to fall off into total chaos because a government was not elected on May 6.

It is obvious that our international creditors are doing what they have done best these past two years and that is creating a “climate of chaos” because Greek citizens actually had the audacity to send PASOK and its members to the Tartarus Mountains at those elections. Their “Yes Men” have been weakened, and from what it looks like our creditors do not like this at all!

This, however, does not give them the right to insult Greece and its people on who they chose to send to Parliament because it does not serve their interests. Nor does it give them a right to present the land that bore democracy as nothing more than a three-ring circus.

This obviously applies to the Greek media as well which follows the international media like a puppy and does its bidding, One such example is the manner in which they have treated specific political parties that were chosen by the people such as “Golden Dawn”.

Now do not get us wrong, we do not support this party, but we find it DISGUSTING and DISGRACEFUL to our democracy that they continually attempt to discredit this party every day in order to influence public opinion to turn their backs on them. Both the Greek and the international media has presented this party as the “Terminators” of democracy and calls them “Nazis” and we can’t help but ask… why is this accepted all across Europe and not in Greece?

  • France – France’s far-right National Front and its leader Marine Le Pen received millions of votes several weeks ago in France’s presidential elections.
  • Austria – The Far-right Freedom Party (FPOe), with leader Heinz-Christian Strache is close to being second in popularity to the leading Social Democrats.
  • Netherlands – The Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) and its anti-Islam lawmaker leader Geert Wilders became the third largest bloc in the Dutch Parliament in 2010 elections with 24 seats. 
  • Italy – The Italian Social Movement, which saw itself as the heir of Benito Mussolini’s Fascist party, was Italy’s fourth largest party in the decades after the war.
  • Hungary – Hungary’s Jobbik party – The Movement for a Better Hungary – won nearly 17 percent of the national vote in the 2010 parliamentary elections and is currently the second-largest opposition party in the legislature,
  • Denmark – The anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party is Denmark’s third largest party and has pushed the country to adopt some of Europe’s strictest immigration laws, leading to a drastic cut in the number of refugees seeking shelter there to just over 5,000 in 2011, from 13,000 in 2001.

C’mon… Get Real… What is Good For the Goose Is Not Good For the Gander?

The only thing that we have not heard from the international and domestic media is that now that the Golden Dawn party entered parliament the Nephilim will destroy the Citadel, the Elohim will occupy the Parliament, the Egyptian god Amon Ra will suddenly appear out of no where and take hold of our armed forces and Martians from the Planet X will invade Greece after ten days of hard battle!

Marina Spanos


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