Schulz: The EU Does Not Want to Subjugate Greece But Help It

Europe does not want to subjugate Greece, but to help it, visiting European Parliament president Martin Schulz said in Athens on Friday, during a meeting with President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias, while also expressing displeasure at the lack of dialogue among the European decision-taking centers and Greece. “It saddens me that much is being said about Greece, but never with the Greeks…It is my opinion that Europe, at this time, is an anonymous power. Much is being said about the Troika. I don’t like this. Only in this way will we have the opportunity to prove that we do not want to subjugate Greece, but to help it,” the German social democrat politician said on arrival at the Presidential Mansion. Papoulias greeted Schulz with the hope that the political forces in Greece will, in next month’s repeat elections, succeed in forming a government. “We are entering a new phase. We were not able to form a government of national understanding, but you are knowledgeable on political parties and know the difficulties that exist,” Papoulias told Schulz. (AMNA)


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