Citizen Sends Letter Of Complaint To Papoulias Over Golden Dawn Party

“Shame to all of those who do not honor democracy” said a very angry and bitter voter in a letter she wrote to President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias to complain about the obviously undemocratic manner in which the “Golden Dawn” party has been treated over the last few days by the Greek political elite. Unfortunately the party has not only been badgered by the political world, but has been slammed with sarcastic and in some cases even ridiculing remarks from the “elite” Greek media as well.

She said that with this letter she wanted to examine and surface “with complete composure”, the injustice and political distortions that are sometimes caused by specific personalities that hold public positions, and that in no way honor the land that bore democracy.

She also makes it perfectly clear that she is not siding, nor in support of the “Golden Dawn” party but she felt the need to send this letter because she objected, or was rather insulted (as we all were) in the manner in which the political world as well as the media have treated this party 

“We start with President of the Republic, Karolos Papoulias and the meetings he held with all the political leaders who were able to surpass the 3% needed to have representation in the Greek parliament.
And I ask: Didn’t Golden Dawn receive 6.97% of the national vote or 440,894 votes? (Of course it did)
Why then Mr. Papoulias did you only invite this party once to participate at these meetings and for only 7 minutes?
Why was the party not called at other subsequent meetings that included other political leaders (when they were trying to form a government)?
You are discrediting our democracy and the 440,894 people who rightly or wrongly (we will not examine this now) voted for the “Golden Dawn” party.
I am also asking why PASOK MP Mimis Androulakis chose to remain outside the plenary hall (during the swearing in ceremony on Thursday) and will be sworn in on Friday, because (as he supposedly noted) the plenary hall had members of the Golden Dawn party. (And you accepted this?) Do you think that you honor democracy Mr Androulakis with your behavior, or the citizens who voted for you, or even the 6.97% who chose the specific political formation (Golden Dawn)?”
The incidents are far too many and have to do with the anti-democratic behavior of people who supposedly are there to uphold democracy. You all need to honor them and not turn your back to them.
Democracy teaches us to respect all views of political and public life.
And one last thing, 

How “Greek” were all of those who with a hammer and sickle on their flag (and not a Greek flag) massacred and slaughtered Greeks? Were they Democrats … ?

Editor’s Note – Bravo Kopela mou… Today the president of the Republic, tomorrow the Greek media. They need to be put in their place as well. We agree with you 100 PERCENT because unlike some of our wannabe leaders… we still believe in democracy.

Article translated from – prionokordela


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