University Professors Tell It Like It Is On SKAI Channel (VIDEO)

Fortunately there are some voices in Greece that really tell it like it is. On today’s morning news show with Poppy Tsapanidou (which is broadcasted on SKAI tv) two Greek university professors did not care about being “politically correct” and exposed things for what they really are. (Start watching 03:00 minutes into the video. It starts automatically please put on pause to read article, and then press play) 

  • “(When the IMF came to Greece) Papaconstantinou, was shopping (from their catelogue on measures) like someone who shops from an IKEA brochure, only Greece had to pay for it. They would ask for one measure, and he would promise ten but of course he did nothing.”
  • “We have industry representatives … but they do not own any industries!”
  • “Greek bankers act as if they are royalty (and immune to everything), when they are very responsible for the present crisis”
  • “We still maintain trade unionists and civil servants who pretend to be public workers (but who really do not have some kind of specific type of work to do other than shout all day), but are nonetheless paid (by the Greek state every single month.)”
  • “Has anyone ever represented private sector workers? (Who comprise more than half of the population).

Popi attempted to take the conversation elsewhere every time they mentioned the words “bankers” or “banks” saying that she had to head for commercials, but both men came back stronger than ever with even more juicier statements.

In a few words, the trouble with implementing reform in Greece is its public sector. That is why the former government of George Papandreou will go down in history as being one of the most loathed governments of all time. Instead of hitting at its own unionists and army of public servants (which comprise some 70 percent of the whole public sector) he and his PASOK party rather chose to make horizontal cuts and make the entire nation pay which resulted in throwing our economy into an even deeper reccession. And all this… because he did not want to break some eggs with his unionists and probably because he did not want to lose the financial support of some of his banking friends…

Editor’s Note – Both guests tell it like it really is. The heart of the problem in Greece is the PASOK army in the public sector, especially the utility companies. The next leader of Greece has to come out and point at the heart of the problem and not be afraid to do so and not be afraid to open this subject either. This is the only way we can go forward as a nation and this is the only way people will feel that there is some justice. And Popi… stop being so terrified of the word bank… bank, bank bank bank bank bank bank.


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