MAY 19 – Genocide OF Greeks From Asia Minor – WE MUST NEVER FORGET

On May 19, the Pontian Community will organize events all over Greece to raise awareness about the Greek genocide of Asia Minor. The systematic massacre and deportation of Greeks in Asia Minor, a program which had come into effect in 1914, was a precursor to the atrocities perpetrated by both the Greek and Turkish armies during the Greco-Turkish War, a conflict which followed the Greek landing at Smyrna in May 1919 and continued until the retaking of Symrna by the Turks and the Great Fire of Smyrna in September 1922. As a result, an estimated 50,000 and to 100,000 Greeks and Armenians died a brutal death in the fire and accompanying massacres. Friends, we must never forget. This was a genocide. Press your local leaders, and your Omogeneia representatives to pressure political leaders to recognize this tragedy. Armenia did it… so can we!

  • Athens – Syntagma Square – 18:30
  • Thessaloniki – Ag.Sofia Square – 19:00

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