Bagis – Greeks Must Only Focus On Economy While Turks Focus On Greek Nat. Issues

Talk about audacity! It just never ends with this country and some of its officials. Turkish Minister Egemen Bagis expressed the hope today that Greek politicians begin occupying themselves with the issue of the economy, rather than be concerned with other minor things such as the issue of FYROM or “problems” with some of the Greek islands, or even setting up some barbed wire in the northern area of Greece to keep illegal immigrants out. In other words, Mr. Bagis wants Greek people to only focus on the economy and not bother with everything else… while his country goes about its business plotting against our country in the Aegean, in Evros as well as the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago.

He made this statement following his meeting with FYROM Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki when asked to comment on the upcoming elections in Greece Bagis even had the audacity to call on Greece (and its people) to act more European-ly responsible because as he said then they will be more supportive.

Editor’s Note: Correct us if we are wrong… but setting up a barbed wire to keep out the thousands of illegal immigrants you bring into our country everyday by supporting slave traders in your country Mr. Bagis is not democratic and it certainly is not  a “European” thing to do. And the reason I say this is because you had the audacity to try and teach us how to act “European-ly” responsible when up until a couple of years ago you would beat women for losing their virginity before marriage. Also, ignoring our national issues is certainly something that your nation would wish for us to do… but you underestimate the will of the people as well as the 17 million other Greeks living abroad who only fume at the mouth every time one of your officials provokes our national pride. No Sir… we will not ignore the issues or problems surrounding our islands, and we will certainly not ignore the expansionist designs of FYROM because that would mean we support them and WE DO NOT. WE invented democracy Sir… and the name Europe is Greek. If you cannot accept this… then you should come to Greece and we will give you a couple of seminars on how to be more “European-ly
correct when you address other nations.

translated from an article on protothema


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