2012 Elections Change Political Map in Greece

Greek people might of waited two and a half years, but they were finally given a chance to speak, and with 99,57% of the votes counted the political scene in Greece has totally changed. Veteran PASOK MPs who were front runners were not able to convince voters and are now challenged with finding new careers because they were not elected.

In simple words, the people of Greece were asked, and they replied! They do not want the Memorandum, especially in the format it is in.

The big losers in these elections were the two larger parties, but especially the outgoing party of PASOK. So much so, that in some areas of Greece citizens did not vote for even one candidate!

In A’ Athens the socialist party only gained 9.72% of the total vote, corresponding to only one seat which will probably be won by Costas Skandalidis. Other well known names such as Paul Geroulanos and George Dalaras’ wife Anna Diamantopoulou, did not make it to Parliament.

In B’ Athens PASOK was able to win 4 seats (or 9.08% of the total vote) and from what it looks like Andreas Loverdos, Michalis Chrysohoidis were elected but there is a battle for the third seat between Mimis Androulakis and veteran Apostolos Kaklamanis, while it looks grim for John Ragousis and Dimitris Reppas. Other well known names such as George Koutroumanis, Mrs. Xenogiannakopoulou, and Christos Protopappas are going home.

In the wider Attica region, Evi Christophilopoulou looks like she will be elected while former Minister of Finance G. Papakonstantinou will now be forced to change careers since he was not elected.

In A and B Piraeus PASOK gained a big fat ZERO and was not able to win any seats.

In A’Thessaloniki PASOK won one seat which went to party leader Evangelos Venizelos. While sexy (and always undecided) Eva Kaili, as well as Chryssa Arapoglou and John Magriotis were not elected.

The rise in the extreme left wing party SYRIZA is also a surprise, but what is even more shocking is the percentage the Independent Greek party under Panos Kammenos achieved since it was only established two months ago.

Both these parties are far from reaching any sort of consensus between each other since they do not agree on serious issues such as illegal immigration and several key national issues. The only thing they do agree on is the subject of setting up an international audit committee to audit our national debt… and this hellasfrappe supports 100 percent.

Here is the vote count, as well as the seats each party has won in parliament

New Democracy – 18,86% – 108 seats
SYRIZA – 16,77 % – 52 seats
PASOK – 13,19 % – 41 seats
INDEPEND. Greeks – 10,60 % – 33 seats
Greek Communist Party (KKE) – 8,48 % – 26 seats
Golden Dawn – 6,97% – 21 seats
Democratic Left (DHMAR) – 6,10% 19 seats
Sum Total Of All The Smaller parties (That did not make it in Parliament) – 19.03%



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