"Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it’

For over two years now we have been stranded in a dark abyss. Our bodies are weary from battling to stay afloat, our arms are aching because we have been reaching out to the world for help and our tears have mixed with saltiness of the sea. The same sea which has echoed our voices to the four corners of the world. But this did not help us to find a sympathetic ear and our agony is still ignored. Indeed we were given a couple of life preservers to stay afloat, but even a life preserver can become worn from the harshness of the sea and sink.

We were
literally left to drown, in a lost and endless abyss. 

In our solitude we had time to reflect and we asked ourselves many questions. Why would the world allow us to drown when we taught the world how to swim? Was it because we stopped believing in ourselves and always waited for our ship to come in? Yes… this was the answer.

At first we refused to accept the truth, but we we knew that we could not remain stranded. After all the sea is full of pirates and hostile enemies. 

So we decided to set out to reach the shore on our own. Not all of us took the same direction but our common goal to reach the shore was one in the same.

We gained faith and started believing in the power of our hands again. And this in return gave us the energy we needed to battle the harshness of the tides. We knew they would float away sooner or later, even when they foamed with fury.

Our only target is the shore, but we are not rushing our journey. Ever tide that strikes at our anguished souls and every storm that attacks us makes us wiser and stronger and now we know how to protect ourselves and survive.

Two and a half years later we might still be paddling to stay afloat, but the dark clouds have lifted and tonight there is a suspicious calmness in the sea. Is this because we are heading for a storm again? Or is it because we will finally feel the sand underneath our toes tomorrow?

We do not know… The only thing we are certain about is that in this journey we learned to once again appreciate the stable yellow sun which hung high in the sky, and the glowing moon which helped us to synchronize our voyage at night. Indeed it was not much, but it was our motivation to continue on. 

So if we do not find our shore tomorrow, we will simply continue to battle the tides until we do.

Marina Spanos


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