VIDEOS From The Funeral Of Dimitris Mitropanos

It was a sad day at the First Cemetery in Athens on Thursday as the world said its last goodbye to singer and now legend Dimitris Mitropanos. His surviving family was said to be in a terrible state, as was his sister who two years ago sacrificed one of her kidneys just to keep her loving brother alive, while his koumbaro and long time friend Paschalis Terzis could not stop weeping.

Mitropanos is now resting next to other legends such as Xylouris and Tsitsanis and although the state wanted to honor him for his work and pay for his funeral, his family refused because Dimitri had instructed beforehand that such an offer would be unfair to other less privileged people.

A gentleman… and a man of principle and honor until the end.

Thousands of people attended, including leading artists such as Kokotas, Marinella, Nikolopoulos, Mikroutsikos, Dimitra Galani, Alexiou, Mbasis, Kotsiras while his friends and fans accompanied the procession till the very end, showering his coffin with flowers and singing “S’anazito” and “Alimono” to him.They remained at his grave and continued to sing his songs… while others mourned, in the same fashion they mourned for other legends before him such as Stelios Kazantzidis, Manolis Aggelopoulos and Vassili Tsitsani.

The following post is a collection of several videos from Thursday’s funeral.


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