VIDEO REPORT – Kammenos Announces Formation Of "Independent Hellenes" Movement

Independent MP Panos Kammenos on Friday announced the formation of a new party titled “Independent Hellenes”.  Kammenos told George Papadakis on the Kalimera Ellada show earlier in the morning that the party will be an “anti-memorandum movement addressed to all the Greeks”. Expelled from New Democracy in November, after refusing to vote for Lucas Papademos’ coalition government, Kammenos told Papadakis that he is going to seek the signatures of 100,000 Greek citizens as party co-founders. According to the founding declaration presented by Kammenos, the new party demands abolition of the memorandum and refuses to accept the what it says is an illicit debt created by loansharking interest rates.  “Our movement is born. The Virgin Mary is our helper and our protector. We are many. We are independent. We are Hellenes,” said the declaration.


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