SPECIAL REPORT – Scandalous Statements By Y.Maniatis – The Aegean Is A Zone That Is Still "Unclear"

photo by defencenet

In an unprecedented move which goes against our national foreign policy, the Deputy Minister for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, (PECA) Y. Maniatis on Thursday went on a rant about Greece’s EEZ and spoke about “undefined zones” and “unclear” areas in the Aegean. Maniatis -who is a member of the PASOK party- more or less left it to be understood that he recognizes the claims of Turkey in the Aegean and in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the claims on the EEZ and the rights to its exploration and exploitation!The statements even shocked the writers at defencenet who said in one report that the declaration by Maniatis goes beyond logic and is totally against Greece’s foreign and national policies. “Not even Turkey would dare to make these types of statements” said a relevant report.

We here at hellasfrappe totally agree. Besides Greece’s boarders are defined in the Treaty of Lausanne and certainly not by the PASOK party and especially not by its members who we all know do not, nor ever have, worked for the interests of the Greek people. These statements are provocative and dangerous!

Now comes the statements of Maniatis in the aftermath of main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras (who supports the government and Maniatis’ course on Cyprus’ EEZ) and not only undermines our national -and foreign- position on the subject of Greece’s EEZ but also gives Ankara the ammunition to use these statements in any international court! And what is worse, he totally and without a doubt destructs the ability of Greece to procure hydrocarbon exploration in these areas as well!

And one cannot help but scream out WHY?

With what right?

Did Maniatis say this to sabotage Samaras? (it is a pre-election period after all)

He did after all speak about a “national cause” in Cyprus in terms of the extension of the EEZ.

No one knows why he said what he said.

One thing is certain, these statements can only be defined as being suspicious.

But wait… he did not stop there.

When asked about the prospect of research in the Aegean and especially around the area of Kastelorizo, Maniatis said that it would not be wise for the government to come out now with an undefined zone (!). “No company wants to play its funds where the landscape is unclear,”  he said.

Is he for real?

Does he forget that the Israelis and the Russians have already offered to conduct blind drilling because they have already completed the necessary surveys and are certain where to drill at no cost whatsoever to our economy? More exactly, officials from Gazprom and Rosneft as well as the Israeli Delek Oil company recently said that they do not need any additional elements to begin immediate exploration since they have already confirmed LARGE DEPOSITS in this area and have all the evidence they need in order to begin drilling immediately. They also said that since they will take full responsibility for risk drilling they see no reason why the Greek government will not give them the “green light” to begin doing just that! (click here for that story)

This sounds like Ankara’s theory which claims that the sea area in southern Cyprus, where drilling is currently being conducted is “undetermined”. Can anyone in their right mind doubt the area where Cyprus and Israel are currently drilling? Obviously not!

And for God’s sake what does he mean by an “undefined zone”?

Does he mean that he accepts Turkish disputes on our territorial waters and has given the characterization of an “undefined zone” to areas which are indisputably 100% Greek?

Also… we don’t understand why he termed the Aegean landscape as being “unclear”. It is clearly defined in the Treaty of Lausanne… and every treaty since then that has defined our territorial rights.

The same applies to Kastelorizo, which has been allowed by the current government and ESPECIALLY by the one before that under George Papandreou to become an “undefined zone”.
Are they preparing us for something?

Does this have anything to do with secret diplomacy and promises that were made behind our backs between George Papandreou and Turkish officials last year? (Click here for that story)

When you get right down to it politicians who make statements such as the above can only be termed as being traitors, so if they do not want this label plastered all over their heads then the Greek foreign ministry must immediately issue a statement on this subject and Antonis Samaras should also make a relevant statement since he has made the issue of the EEZ one of his top priorities.

Annoyed by the criticism Maniatis on Friday suddenly announced new tenders for hydrocarbon exploration in 15 onshore regions of the country in the next six months. In an effort to kill the noise he created around the subject of Greece’s EEZ, he said that Greece will not leave an inch of national territory unexplored and apparently gave assurances that there is no reference in the new loan agreement of potential oil deposits in the country, while he reiterated his proposal that the revenue which will be generated will be placed in an “insurance fund”.

But of course… he did not give any details as to what type of “insurance” fund this would be… 

As for the seismic surveys, the Deputy Minister expressed his optimism that there will be considerable interest. Tenders for the Ionian and Cretan regions will follow at the end of 2012 and the start of 2013 if there is interest from the international markets.

And again we ask… what about the northern Aegean?

What about the area around Kastelorizo?

What about the area under Imia?

When you say “Greece will not leave any national territory unexplored” are these areas included?


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