Apple Wants To Buy Out Greece Residents And All!

We have heard so many stupidities over the last few months, most of which simply provoked our level of patience here in Greece. Well… believe it or not friends another one was made on Thursday! At an Apple shareholders meeting one investor turned to the company’s CEO and suggested that the electronics company buy out Greece for 97 billion euros and when we say buy out Greece we mean artifacts, people and all, just like they would a company!

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, who yesterday (Thursday) told investors they would get more say in picking board members, signaled greater willingness than his predecessor to heed the concerns of his company’s shareholders.

Turning the conversation back to cash, an investor asked whether Apple would consider using its cash to buy Greece, which faces a debt crisis.

“We’ve looked into many things,” but not that, Cook said. Bloomberg

A separate report on defencenet said that the proposal was very specific and included detailed financial data and it was submitted to the shareholders who argued that the bailout by Germany was 30 billion, but they can go a step further with 70 billion more and gain overall control of the country, after coming into an agreement with the Greek government.

The report quoted CEO, Tim Cook as saying that the cash is available and more than what they need to operate and expand the company and soon will be much more!

Note – Jesus Christ, if this is not the most insane proposal we have heard so far, then we do not know what is. Then again… if they throw in an IPhone, a couple of IPads then maybe we can take the idea up for a referendum (kidding of course).


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