Austrian MP: Greece Should Sell Islands To Turkey – Ti Les Re P**para?

Responding angrily to the statements made by the Head of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ) Christoph Leitl who said that Greece’s rescue plan has an alternative and the government should sell its Islands to Turkey, Greek ambassador to Austria Dimidis Themistocles underlined in a letter to the Austrian news agency that the “Greek people would rather starve than to ever cede even one inch of land”. And he is absolutely right! But the provocative statements made by the Austrian President did not stop there. He said that this would concern the sale of some isolated and uninhabited Greek islands to Turkey, while he left it to be understood that this would be an action that would improve our relations with Ankara.

Specifically the Austrian businessman said that the purchase of Greek Islands is not about the money, but rather about the “good spirit” that Greeks will show through this action, something that may increase the supporters of Greece in these dark days they have to endure.

Obviously angry and displeased with the above statements, the Greek ambassador in Austria said that “Greece is facing insurmountable difficulties, but even if it is forced to
go bankrupt, the farthest rock, every reef belonging to the
county (and every square inch) will also go bankrupt!”

This Greek Ambassador said that Greece may be in a critical
phase, and currently facing large, complex problems and challenges. The debt
crisis has indeed led to the adoption of difficult decisions and tough measures, which require
serious sacrifices from the Greek people and the process is extremely
painful, however, Greece and its people have taken part
in many wars, and in regards to WWII they preferred to fight rather
than to allow the passage of the Axis to expand its forces on its

Note: Thank You Mr. Ambassador, you spoke on behalf of all the Greek people.


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