Turkish "Bilim-2" Surveyor Looks For Hydrocarbons Off Of Samos And Rhodes!

photo by Samiaki Gnomi

While the country focuses on the Eurogroup meeting, and while citizens desperately try to find ways to make ends meet day to day, the Turkish surveyor ship “Bilim-2” took the opportunity to begin surveying the area around Samos for natural gas and oil!

According to a report from the local Samiaki Gnomi news site the ship anchored near Kusadasi and northeast of Samos and conducted several surveys for hydrocarbons and what is more the ship will apparently be “surveying the area” until February 26. According to its coordinates, the Turkish NAVTEX 109/12 vessel will carry out surveys near the southeastern part of Rhodes as well, in an area located within the Greek continental shelf!

photo by Samiaki Gnomi

 (Is our government aware of this???)

The move by Turkey comes at a time when Cyprus has completed the process
of licensing a second round of exploration plots in its Exclusive
Economic Zone (EEZ), but also while the Hellenic government is getting
ready to proclaim a global tender for the exploration and exploitation
of hydrocarbons south of Crete

An article in the ETHNOS newspaper said that the “Bilim-2” will also be conducting surveys just off of the Mersina coast and then move west. It will then move north and do more surveys in Cyprus (where the pseudo-state has granted the rights to Turkey to conduct such research) and it will then complete its course and head for the Bay of Marmaris.

The latest reports noted that the “Bilim2” passed through the Strait of Mycale.


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