SPECIAL REPORT – Papademos Invites FYROM PM To Find "Acceptable Solution" – To What… the Name?

photo by defencenet

The decision by interim Premier Lucas Papademos to formerly invite FYROM Prime Minister N. Gruevski to Athens in order to discuss the issue of Skopje can only be seen from a suspicious eye. The news which is raising many eyebrows in Athens claims that Papademos wants to QUICKLY find a “mutually acceptable solution” to the differences between the two countries. Friends… we here at hellasfrappe do not need to remind all of you that Papademos is a high-ranking member of the Trilateral Commission, and has not been elected by the Greek people, but rather was placed in this position by the Troika (banking elites). Whose interests would he be serving? Ours… or the West’s?

FYROM is registered at international organizations as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia because of the name dispute with Athens which has proved on more than one occasion that the name “Macedonia” spurs territorial claims to Greece’s northern regions.

According to reports Papademos specifically proposed that the meeting be held in Brussels during the weekend of March 1-2 on the sidelines of a European Council meeting. News reports also characterized the move as something that goes beyond logic (on a national scale) since the FYROM Premier has filled Skopje’s squares with statues of Alexander the Great, schools with expansionist maps that show Thessaloniki as being part of what they call their Macedonia, and has also apparently began raising provocative flags (as shown in the photo above) that were prohibited by the interim agreement that was signed between the two countries in the 90s.

The report can be viewed on the military site defencenet

A representative from Papademos circle noted in the report that following the court case at the International Court in the Hague, Greece “must reconsider some things!”

This statement left us dumbfounded here at hellasfrappe. What does he mean… we  “must reconsider some things?”

Papademos who is the epitamy of banking (or rather the new world order) is going to review Greece’s foreign policy which refused the accession of FYROM into NATO (at the Bucharest Summit in 2008) before the issue of the name is resolved?

This alone should sound an alarm to every Greek organization across the globe.

But wait. There is more!

On Tuesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Gruevski in Berlin and according to reports the main topic of discussion was FYROM’s accession to NATO and the “parameters” that are not in favor of this move before the issue of the name is resolved. Excuse me… was she referring to us… the Greeks?

We here at hellasfrappe are certain that Germany is only looking after its interests, as are other members in NATO who force their allies to spend ridiculous sums of money for defense systems but certainly Germany cannot use this opportunity to further its clientele by activating their “chosen” prime minister to dabble in Greek foreign affairs.

Greek foreign affairs involve representatives that are elected by the people. And the people of Greece have not voted for this government and they have especially NOT VOTED for Lucas Papademos.

Besides, we already started questioning some things about Mrs. Merkel and her government several days ago when the “Nea Filiki Etaireia” published a very shady letter to Angela Merkel with 18 questions that can only be described as scandalous.  Here are the questions (or click here to link to the article). 

  • 14. Is it true Mrs. Merkel, that your government funded and supported the actions of the Skopje government (FYROM) at The Hague (on the case against Greece)?
  • 15. Is it true Mrs. Merkel that in a recent discussion, with officials from two separate countries, you predicted that in the near future some areas of Western Thrace and a belt around Florina will become independent, to provide protection to the minorities living there?

Is Germany purposely keeping our minds focus on the economy and using Papademos to resolve the issue of Skopje since we know he was “chosen” by Berlin?

And is this why our “European allies in the north” do not want us to hold national elections since the next NATO summit is getting set to be held in Chicago on May 20-21, 2012?

Tick tock… tick tock…. Draw your own conclusions….


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