Papoulias Waives Salary Ahead Of "Fixed" March 25 Parade

The President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Wednesday waived his salary, and asked Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, during a meeting between the two officials, to proceed with the procedures required. A move that clearly can be characterized as a total farce, in our opinion. All this time Mr. Papoulias has been silent, while earning more than the US President Barak Obama himself. Our guess here at hellasfrappe is that he wants to gain the respect of the people ahead of the March 25 celebration since he was blasted at the previous national parade and forced to leave by the people. We say why worry Mr. Papoulias, we know that the March 25 parade is an invitation only event this year. Yes friends, you heard correctly, the interim government of Lucas Papademos is preparing to hold a national parade for a select few.

Our nation is collapsing, and the only thing that is on the mind of Greece’s policy makers is the national parades that will be held across the country on March 25 and more importantly what can happen during those parades! What happened in Thessaloniki on October 28 seemed to hurt a lot … and now … the government of Lucas Papademos is taking ludicrous measures!

photo by onalert

By letter of the Supreme Military Command, two months before the parade (!) apparently was released to the press showing how the government has determined who and how many people will be permitted (!) to enjoy the March 25 parade!

According to the letter which was published on the onalert defence site, 800 people (who have been invited and registered) will be permitted to sit across from the presidential (and elite) platforms and from what the report said the selected few will mostly be officers of the Armed Forces with their families.

The document dated December 20, 2011 was sent by the Public Relations and Protocol Department to the Greek Police, Defence officials, the General Staff, the Air Force, Fire Brigade etc.

Note: Ti na poume re paidia… i kseftyla sto megaleio tis….


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