Provocative Statement In London Daily Wants Parthenon To Reunite With "Elgin" Marbles!

We have received many slaps from our so-called allies, and we have heard many things over the past few months that can only be characterized as shameful and provocative. One such statement was published today in the London e-metro newspaper and it really made our blood boil here at hellasfrappe.

After viewing the violent incidents which took place in Athens on Sunday, a columnist – or a reader (this is unknown) who is obviously totally ignorant about history, actually had the audacity to say that he was happy that the marbles that Lord Elgin stole from the Greek Parthenon remain safe in the British Museum!

But he did not stop there. He wondered if the price of a Greek bailout plan could lead to the transfer of the remaining parts of the Parthenon to London so that they can be reunited with the Elgin marbles !!!!

Here is his quote as viewed in the snapshot at the top. 

J Douglas Edinburgh – Watching the sad scenes of Athens burning, I can say how glad I am that the Elgin Marbles remain safe in London and have not been returned. I wonder if the price of yet another bailout of Greece could lead to the transfer of the remaining portion of the Parthenon to London, where it could be reunited with the pieces removed by Lord Elgin to the British Museum for safekeeping and the whole rebuilt in the East End after the Olympics have moved on? (give email and the page will open for you)

ELEOS !!!!

We are certain that the newspaper is not accountable for these statements and we are not angry with them, but rather are enraged with the commentator who actually enjoyed mocking our nation and obviously showed that he has no concept of the word decency nor any shame for saying what he said.

We call on the Greek community in London as well as the “BRING THEM BACK” campaign to take action!


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