Focus – Disaster Capitalism in Action in Europe

 The Scottish magazine Bella Caledonia contacted hellasfrappe on Monday and informed us that they are now using our blog as a source for some of their news stories. This was very flattering considering the fact that the journalist we spoke with is a veteran writer who has worked at many top-level media giants for the West and Asia. We thank her, and look forward to her articles. Here is a small excerpt from the article she wrote, please click on the Read More link to reference back to the Scottish magazine.

In July 2011, as reported by the Greek magazine Epikaira and the Greek website Hellas Frappe, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, accompanied by US Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy Richard Morningstar, visited Athens for talks with PM George Papandreou.  A law passed by the government shortly after allowed for the liquidation of assets to creditors “ of all of Greece’s mineral wealth, including its proven well as those that may be discovered in the future and the total potential revenue from them”.  Imagine, if you will, the huge profits to be made now that Greece has has been thrown, by its own parliament, to the wolves.

So what does this mean for the rest of us in Europe?  Greece has now been reduced to little other than  a giant laboratory, where the powers-that-be will carefully observe just how far, and for how long, the unwilling and miserable ‘rats’ can be pushed without jeopardising the experiment, tweaking and refining  their plan for the rest of us according to the results obtained.  For that reason, we need to think long and hard as to whether it is appropriate, in the light of what is currently going on, for an independent Scotland to willingly submit itself to becoming part of the Eurozone and whose interests would best be served if that were to be the case.

By Moira Dalgetty


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