SPECIAL REPORT – Mega Bomb Set To Explode With CDS Scandal

A 400 page list with Greek CDS and 12,000 contracts is going to be released in several days by US officials, according to Kiriakos Tobras from stopspeculators.gr. Mr. Tobras told olympia.gr that he is convinced that the information he is planning to release
in the next few days will prove how our country turned into a republic of derivatives. Considering what he has listed… this story is more than explosive and changes everything we have been told until today!

  • Who did not permit (and why) Greece to default on its debt?
  • Why are banks (which are totally unprofitable) being saved?
  • Why are insolvent SOEs are not closing down?
  • Why has the government constantly increased taxes, fees, tolls, etc.?
  • Why state revenue is and will never be enough to pay off our creditors?
  • Who holds the mortgages of the Deposits and Loans Fund?
  • Who assigned significant revenues of GDP?
  • Why did the government of George Papandreou & Lucas Papademos give everything to Greece’s creditors?
  • Why is the government afraid of, and what has it been hiding from the people of this country since 1974?
  • Why did our creditors bind us to the Memorandum?
  • What was Antonis Samaras afraid of?
  • Why is George Karatzaferis worshiped by the lenders?
  • Who has been battling against Panos Kammenos (so that he will not expose more information on this case)?
  • Why have our parliamentary MPs never learned (or have never been briefed) about the Greek economy, (state and private debt)?
  • Why has the Greek mainstream media mobilized to mold public opinion?
  • What role did the TTE bank play in this whole affair?
  • Why was there news everyday in the framework of shaping public opinion with theories about the euro, bankruptcy, poverty and a terrible return to the drachma?
  • Why are they saying that Greece is holding the world economy as a hostage since it only accounts for 2 percent of the EU’s GDP?
  • What is the big bargaining tool that Greece has and has deliberately not used?
Until now, says Tobras only a small fraction of the truth was known, but it was not enough to interpret the “look” of horror on George Papandreou’s face, nor was it sufficient enough to understand why our creditors have been so persistent to lead our country (at all costs) into a “peculiar junta type of lending” which eventually led to the seizing of each sovereign right of our National Economy, as well as our Public and Private Property.

Shockingly he notes the citizens of Greece do not know that most of what they think to be “state property” was actually lost a long time ago since it was given as collateral to lenders disguised as bonds.

He underlines that the same has happened with many of the state’s future revenues and the private mortgage home loans (private property).

We were not aware that CDS do not just concern PUBLIC DEBT!

We did not know that the banks and the public utility companies are “hostages” to CDS!!!

In a few days everything will be exposed and Greece and its people will finally find out the truth and overturn this corrupt system in accordance with Article 120 of the Greek Constitution.


Article in Greek – olympia.gr


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