SPECIAL REPORT – 1 in Every 3 Arrested At Sunday’s Riots Are Foreigners!

One in every three people arrested at Sunday’s riots is apparently a foreigner! Police officials said on Monday in a press release that out of the 79 people arrested, 53 were of Greek nationality while the remaining 26 were foreigners! If you take into consideration that reports were claiming that there were more than 2,000 anarchists involved in these riots, then this means that almost half were non-Greek!

It is almost like a re-make of the historic December 2008 riots, said an article which was just released on defencenet, when the role of provocateurs worked closely with foreign secret services to literally destroy the Greek capital and cause total chaos. 

Something that was pointed out back then by Byron Polydoras (former Minister of Public Order under the New Democracy government of Costas Karamanlis), but that was also noted on Sunday by SYRIZA MP Panagiotis Lafazanis.

Three of the culprits are juveniles or 14-17 years of age, around 41 were reported to be 19-29 years of age, roughly 27 were 31-39 years old and the remaining eight were said to be over 40 years old.

Police officials confiscated knives and other such weapons when they arrested them as well as maps of the downtown area of Athens and wireless hardware  (the anarchists stopped using their mobile phones 4 pm onwards, the report on
defencenet noted).

Most of those who confessed said that they were approached and told that riots would occur, and that they would be able to loot shops. In fact they were even given pre-ticked maps and hoods! 

They anarchists made their own Molotov bombs, or employed other foreigners to do so.

Another interesting note in the article said that these criminals hurled Molotov bombs with nails, while they also used marine flares/ 

It is obvious that their purpose was the total destruction of private property in downtown Athens in the framework of forcing the police to withdraw its forces from government buildings so that they can set fire to them and create even more chaos.

Note: We here at hellasfrappe have no words…. Why are they doing this to our nation? Why have the staged war against our people? And most importantly who?


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