One of our readers just inboxed hellasfrappe with this information:

I just came across a picture that was posted on your wall that was uploaded by olympia gr depicting the protesters wearing the same boots as the police… accusing them of being police officers starting riots in Greece.

While I understand that the situation in Greece is dire, please make sure that you are reporting and posting accurate information. This picture is from a protest in Montebello Quebec in 2007. Below you will find links from the source.

Also one of the people commented about this… You being from Montreal should have caught this. Correcting the caption would be a nice and appropriate gesture. As we all look forward to peaceful and a successful outcome to this situation. – Jim

Hellasfrappe checked out the link and we indeed saw a series of pictures which were exactly the same.

There can be two explanations for this.

Hellasfrappe is very trusting of and we are convinced that in their rush to get the news on Sunday night (when all the eyes of the world were on Greece) they may have used a photo from another blog or news site that might have been used elsewhere.

This is understandable.

But it is not their fault, nor is it hellasfrappe’s fault for posting it on their facebook wall. Mistakes can happen.

Two: The photo on the link shown above could be a move by provocateurs. And we have yet to link it to any article, so we are still a little skeptical if it was indeed used in the riots that Jim mentioned. When  we can back this up with a story then we will be more convinced.

We also just want our readers to know that the internet works in mysterious ways and the photo could be an item of propaganda for all types of interests.

Either way, hellasfrappe has worked very hard to become a credible source of information for its readers and because of this we decided to remove the picture from our facebook wall until we verify the story. We also sent a relevant email to olympia to inform them about this.

And we want to make it clear to all concerned. We are BIG fans and will continue to support and use as a source for information because in our opinion it is one of the few sites in Greece that actually does investigative reporting. 

We would like to apologize to our readers for this, but promise to investigate this story further in the days to come.

We would also like to thank our readers for their insight. Thanks for keeping us on our toes guys!



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