ZEIT Online: Germany Leave The Greeks Alone!

An interesting article appeared in Germany’s ZEIT online which goes against the information (and possible propaganda) maintained by the majority of Germany’s mainstream media in regards to Greece. The article which was a “message” to Germany’s leadership spoke about a divided Europe with a booming Germany economy at the expense of the weaker economies in the south. It said that Greece is on the brink of turmoil and noted that its government decided to implement harsh austerity measures only after being pressured by the Troika. It also questions what type of Europe Germans want to live in, as well as makes clear that the austerity measures that were imposed on Greece will only exacerbate the crisis. 
Here is the article in a small excerpt of the article.  

“Is this the prospect of a united Europe? A country of origin of Western culture and democracy , the de facto protectorate of Brussels is – with no hope of recovery. A continent which is split further into a wealthy North and the ailing South where people know little more about how they should pay for their daily bread.  We can not be indifferent to the rest of the continent around us. It stirs up dangerous political radicalization and re-nationalization.

We should worry, because this death (of Greece), threatened by the German government, is significantly promoted towards the achievement of its own success: Germany’s economy is booming only because our companies do business and profit at the expense of weaker countries. 

Greece (has) not benefited from the EU rescue program, from the common currency and common market,  (only) Germany (and its economy has benefited).

In the south of Europe, not only in Greece, there is an ominous mood against Germany. Nearly 70 years after the end of the war, Germany is once again perceived as a hostile power. There are already voices calling for radical action against the foreign rule from Brussels and Berlin.

Who would blame people who are pushed into poverty! Should they continue to see their modest prosperity model go down the drain?

No, that can not be the kind of Europe we want to live in. A Europe that determine which banks and hedge funds, which countries should survive and which do not. (To read article in German click here)


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