German Police To Combat Riots – A Total Bluff To Scare Citizens!

Reports about a battalion of German soldiers from Kosovo was said to have have arrived at the Elefsina military airport a couple of days ago and some Greek blogs quoted eye witness accounts as saying that it was unclear if the military police was in Greece to take part in today’s expected massive protest or for combat exercises. Many bloggers in Europe, including hellasfrappe, resisted
the temptation to publish the news, because we did not want to further fuel the already intensive mood in Greece which expected to highten on Sunday night during the planned protests at Syntagma Square. Also, we had a feeling that the story was just a bluff and we wanted some time to debunk the story and luckily for us we finally did!

We heard about the story on the blog. After keeping silent about this for several days, hellasfrappe was fortunate to come across a news story from the Italian news site which confirms that the whole story is indeed a hoax. It specifically said that everyone knows that clashes are likely to take place in Athens on Sunday, (since provocateurs are always in position to destroy our right as a people to demonstrate), however it categorically ruled out that the German police is in Greece in order to intervene in these protests:

It does not take long to realize when a story is not credible, and we knew that the rumors on the blogs were just that… rumors. Think about it… those who control Europe are indeed “shady individuals” who will safeguard their interests at all costs. But the armed forces of a European country can only be deployed to another country when it is at war. And Greece is not at war.

It would be suicide for all of Europe if this happened in Greece, and if we are wrong and they indeed sent a German police battalion here, then we are convinced that this would totally backfire on Germany.

Why? Because for two years now, the tough austerity measures which have totally destroyed the Greek economy are all about bailing out Greek owners of Greek banks as well as French and German banks. All of last summer, Greeks demonstrated against these measures but the government chose to do the bidding of the Troika and the banks they protect.

So if a German police force was sent to Greece then whose interests would they be serving? Certainly not ours… hence it would backfire on them immediately.


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