Tsipras: Political Dwarfs Condemn Greeks To Permanent Poverty

Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday demanded that “the government, the (EU/IMF) troika and the three parties that support this defamation leave”, charging that “the dependent, disreputable and collapsing political establishment and the fatal prime minister they chose have turned over the country as a hostage and subjugated to its lenders for many decades to come”.

In perhaps his sharpest attack on prime minister Lucas Papademos’ interim government and the three political parties (PASOK, ND and LAOS) supporting it, Tsipras charged that the country was being governed by “a leadership of political dwarfs” who have “brought back the International Economic Control to manage the country’s bankruptcy, which they signed, have mortgaged Greece to British law and condemned our and our children’s lives to permanent poverty”.

He called the interim coalition government a “bankrupt political leadership that does not have the courage and the integrity to look the Greeks in the eye”, adding that “they are all accountable to the history of the country and the Greek people”.

As for the marathon talks of the premier with the three party leaders, Tsipras called it a “parody negotiation of the last minute, which simply ratified, with a melodramatic decor, the destruction of our national sovereignty and dignity, the degradation of democracy and the subjugation of the country to the banks, capitalism and the economic chauvinism of Mrs. Merkel, while at the same time opening wide the road to Greece’s exodus from the euro, bowing to the coercive dilemmas that it created itself”.

“We must not let this crime against the Greek people, this crime against the country, be completed,” he said, and expressed hope that the “package of bankruptcy” will not come to pass, calling for “democratic and patriotic unity” among everyone and stressing “it is time for the people to take the matter of social cohesion and democracy into their own hands”. (AMNA)


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