SPECIAL REPORT – EU Blackmailers "Lock" Oil, Gas and Gold Reserves In Merkozy’s "Separate Account"

As the leaders from the three governing parties backing the interim coalition get set to agree to the new austerity demands of the Troika, more and more information is coming to light which reveals that the so called separate account that Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nikola Sarkozy are pushing Greece to set up, is nothing more than a front of the total PILLAGING of Greece’s natural reserves and sale of public infrastructures.

It is the perfect blackmail, so that “they” -our so called partners- can get their hands on our natural wealth. Folks, the
money from the sale of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) and revenue from
all the customs at ports and airports, as well as the privatization of government utility companies are set to become the “dowry” in this “separate account” that believe it or not is INCLUDED in the loan agreement and which will be set up to pay off just the interest of these foreign loans.

But don’t take our word for it, a special report which was released by military officials on the defencenet news site said the very same thing, citing government officials.

It is by far the BIGGEST HEIST of the century. The total pillaging of a nation, which in combination
with English law (which will be applicable on the new loan agreement) will basically give our foreign partners the total control -and seizure- of our natural wealth!

Meanwhile, Greece’s remaining gold reserves which are presently found in vault in Belgium, following the sale of a large portion in 2001, are also at risk since “our partners” are threatening our political leaders to confiscate them if they do not agree to the new austerity terms (and sign the new memorandum).

Is this what European partnership and solidarity is all about Mr and Mrs. Merkozy? You are blackmailing Greece to give up everything and then have the audacity to question our existence in the EU when we only constitute the 2 percent of all European debt! 

Even Germany’s Spiegel online criticized your behavior Mrs. Merkel. It clearly stated that the only remedy
that can pull Greece out of this crisis is to allow it to default, be cleared of all its debts and be given a Marshall Plan so that it can resurrect its economy.

Greece Must Go Bankrupt

Perhaps, the Greece rescuers on both sides of the negotiating table should try being honest for a change. Here’s the truth: If the country is to lastingly reduce its mountain of debt and, at some point, be able to borrow money on the capital markets again, then it needs a comprehensive debt haircut. In other words, it needs to go bankrupt.

And it’s not just private creditors who will have to fore go a large part of their outstanding Greek debts. It is also other European countries and the European Central Bank. That would be expensive for taxpayers across Europe, and it would also be economically risky. Indeed, no one knows what consequences a Greek bankruptcy would have for other crisis-ridden countries like Portugal, Ireland or Italy. But at least it would be an honest solution.

Of course, things wouldn’t stop there. The euro-zone states would also have to build a bigger firewall around the remaining crisis countries in order to prevent contagion. They would have to help some banks that get into trouble as a result of a debt cut. And they would have to provide Greece with a real opportunity to get back on its feet and start growing under its own steam — in other words, a kind of Marshall Plan.

All this would be very expensive, and German taxpayers would also be forced to do what they have feared from Day One — which is to pay for Greece. But this solution has two major advantages. The payments would be limited, and they would actually help Greece.

And unlike everything that has been negotiated up until now, the solution would also be worthy of being called a rescue package.  (Source – Spiegel online)

It is clear that you never intended to rescue Greece Mrs. Merkel. The supposed rescue efforts and bail out plans that you offered to help Greece with over the last few months have not worked. You lend us money making a clear profit on the loans you forced upon us. Greece has seen its national debt practically double since it was forced into the EU bailout program in 2010. The austerity cuts have destroyed the economy and have only enriched the banks.

Do you forget that when Austria was taken over by Germany the nation owed a total of US $400,000,000 in foreign debts and when the first interest payments after the anschluss came due, your country defaulted on three Austrian foreign loans totaling US $230,000,000 which were largely held in the US, the UK and France and you have the audacity to preach to us? (Source newspapers at the time click here to view)

And what’s more, members of your own government proposed that they wanted to send a “budget commissioner” to Athens to keep an eye on the Greeks. 

“Given the disappointing compliance so far, Greece has to accept shifting budgetary sovereignty to the European level for a certain period of time,” the Financial Times quotes the German plan as saying.”

Greece’s budget is “the responsibility of the Greek government!

But you did not stop there. Your government also said the extraordinary… You said that elections in April should be postponed to allow for a technocratic government to administer the country – on behalf of the banks.

And the icing came this past week when Financial Times Deutschland Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble suggested to postpone a large part of the new aid in order to pressure our leaders on further fiscal reforms. 

The German finance minister wants to split the new bailout package into two parts. The first part, consisting of E30 billion earmarked for Greek banks that participate in the private sector debt reduction deal, could be released within days. However, Mr. Schaeuble would delay presenting legislation to the German parliament for the larger share of the new bailout money, currently estimated at around E100 billion, thus effectively holding up its approval on the European level. (Source NASDAQ)

Are you kidding us? Every bailout you threaten us and blackmail us as a
people and not allow our leaders to look elsewhere for loans.

Just who in the hell are you people?

You overlook the fact that confiscating our revenues to pay German, French and US banks, suspends our democracy and crushes our economy and this is only going to lead to an uprising and then there will be a contingency all across Europe Mrs. Merkel… remember that.

The Greek people Mrs. Merkel have woken up, and now know that they are the victims of a loan sharking banker’s heist. They can see that they have been scammed.

Greece’s statistics chief Andreas Georgiou is accused of falsifying the Greek deficit and might face life  in prison for bloating our deficit. Did he do this to help you “lock” our country’s reserves into an obvious planned bankster bailout scheme?

You have crossed the red line. It is clear that you only want to humiliate us as a people. Did you see the scenes in Athens on Tuesday Mrs. Merkel? They burned the German flag! You have turned an entire nation against a fellow ally!

It is clear. Your only intention was to seize control of our assets, so that your German companies can fatten their wallets.

As for you Mr. Sarkozy… It is a shame that you have Greek DNA. You know that you are going to lose the next presidential elections so you are hiding behind Angela Merkel’s skirt because you cannot stand on your own as a man.

We are outraged.

Enough is enough.

Shame on both of you.

Marina Spanos


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