BREAKING NEWS – German Site To Release Proof Of Kickbacks To Politicians

photo by kourdistoportocali

.A German website is getting set to publish copies of checks that were received by parliamentarians as “kickbacks”, according to a breaking report that was just released on the kourdistoportocal news site (which is following the story). According to what was published, suitcases (filled with secret funds) were documented making their way from a key ministry in Germany to an undisclosed location. To back this up, the article on the German website claims to have the photographic evidence to prove this in its possession!

Moreover, the German site also said it was going to expose documented proof of a deposit that was made from a “famous” US bank into the account of a relative who served as prime minister. (oh my…. do they mean George and his brothers?)

If this information is indeed released with the required documentation to back it up… it will be explosive!

It is still unknown which German site is getting set to disclose this information (since the koudistoportocal news site did not mention a specific site), but certainly this will make for an interesting story later on today.

Stay tuned frappers…

Source in Greek – kourdistoportocal


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