Russian Naval Force In Mediterranean, Kythira, Cyprus

A massive force, including nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SLBM), and aggressive conventional submarine propulsion systems is currently being constructed by the Russian navy that is planning to even reach the Greek coast! The Russian Navy’s operational doctrine has changed and now Russia wants to return to the standards it once held when the Soviet empire was alive and strong. The only difference this time is that it will hold the banner of Orthodoxy and the cross of St. Andrew up high and replace it with the hammer and sickle.

In a recent interview, Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Visotski, said that in four months, or by June 2012, Russian SLBM submarines (a nuclear ballistic missile type submarine) will begin patrols all over the globe especially in areas that were never before approached, such as the Mediterranean, the eastern coast of the US, as well as the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Russia aims to reach the level of patrols it conducted in 1984 (up to 230). Currently it only conducts around ten and they are more or less centered in the Northern Atlantic. For this to materialize, it will build a new submarine, class SLBM Borey, as well as finish the construction of another ten nuclear submarines.

In such a framework, at least two Russian nuclear and/or attack submarines will permanently patrol the Mediterranean area, especially the Eastern Mediterranean region, while there are plans about anchorage activation near Kythira Island, located in international waters (A semi foundation of the Soviet Navy until 1990!)

The Russians already have a base in Tartus in Syria, but if this country continues to suffer from political stability and the situation gets out of hand, then there are thoughts about setting up a new “naval facility” on the island of Cyprus, which was rescued from the mechanism of the Troika thanks to Russian loans.

Original article in Greek: defecnenet


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