SPECIAL REPORT – 18 Questions To Angela Merkel That Raise Controversy

During the war of Independence in 1821 we were introduced to the Filiki Eteria or the Society of Friends. This organization’s only purpose at the time was to overthrow Ottoman rule over Greece and to establish an independent Greek state and its members were mainly young Phanariot Greeks from Russia and local chieftains from Greece. Almost 200 years later a “New Society of Friends” has emerged with more than 8,500 members all over Europe. Recently the association sent a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel with 18 key questions that are certainly going to raise many eyebrows in Germany. The letter, which is now widely circulating on the Internet, directly accuses the German government of financial scandals, bribery, extortion, etc, from 1998 until the present date. It speaks about the blackmail, bribery and corruption of Greek politicians and journalists, while it exposes how German economics and intelligence has worked against Greece on issues that deal with the economy, the political fora as well as pending national issues. The article absolutely shocked us here at hellasfrappe and we do not know if the questions raised by this association are credible or not, one thing is certain, wherever there is smoke… there is always fire. Certainly the letter will not be received well in Germany, especially by Angela Merkel. This is a must read…

(The letter was translated in English by the staff at hellsfrappe. Please note that a direct translation could not be made -meaning word for word- so that the text can make sense)

Angela Merkel,

If you do not remember anything Mrs. Merkel … never mind, we will help you. We have all the evidence … places, dates, bank accounts, data on corrupt officials … even the type of underwear they wore.”

  1. Is it true Mrs. Merkel that Germany has overseen, promoted and even guided the collection and “legalization” of illegal funds to every politician and opposition party in countries such as Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania from June 1998 until the present date?
  2. It is true that fifteen percent of all income from collected supplies flows into the secret accounts of Bavaria’s Christian Democratic Party (CSU) and then distributed to other German parties, so as to ensure the funding of covert operations?
  3. It is true that this political pillage investment fund policy began on June 6, 1998 when Berlin received a US bonds package worth 80 million dollars, sent by a Greek party (supplies from a Dutch frigates program) and received by representatives in Germany, a German central bank as well as a French bank?
  4. Is it true Mrs. Merkel that the pension bonds which you offer to these corrupt politicians, (are in the context of) persuading (them) to always adopt decisions according to the appetites and (especially the) interests of the German government?
  5. It is true that the two million Deutsche Marks received from your predecessor Helmut Kohl stem from the same funds?
  6. Is it true Mrs. Merkel, that formal allegations were made about the same subject in April 2009 at the European anti-corruption agency (OLAF) but were buried by the former director of the German service (who was at the behest of your government)?
  7. It is true that at the same time an indictment was filed with a Prosecutor in Berlin for the very same subject but was also buried (from public scrutiny) by your government?
  8. Is it true Mr.s Merkel that as president of the Christian Democratic party, just like your predecessors Mr. Kohl and Mr. Schäuble, never complied with German laws on the financing of political parties in Germany? Did you state to Parliamentary officers about the 18 million Deutsche Mark that were transferred with bags to a notary in Munich by two industries, in order that they be allocated to your party’s election through a specific advertising firm?
  9. Is it true Mrs. Merkel, that in February 2006 you pressured the former prime minister of Greece (Costa Karamanlis) through blackmail to bury the wire-tapping scandal?
  10. Is it true Mr.s Merkel that in October 2002 the German secret service came into contact with certain Greek citizens that lived in Dresden -as tourists- and were members of the 17N terrorist organization (responsible for the funding of the organization) as well as top members of the Greek crime world? You allowed them to absorb 5.7 million euros and then sheltered them in the city of Sousse in Tunisia until the case was forgotten? These very same people are now working in Greece for the German services, why did you not give any information to Greece’s anti-terrorist service about this?
  11. 11. is it true Mrs. Merkel that a German official forced a leader of a leftist party to step down in 2007 with the threat that if he didn’t do this then details of his personal life would be exposed, and this official was not able to become a candidate for the leadership of the party again?
  12. Is it true Mrs. Merkel that this year three political parties were channeled funds of some 16.4 million euros through secret funds?
  13. Is it true Mrs. Merkel that the military is protecting German citizens that are acting on behalf of your government in Greece? Has the office in the fourth (GNTA) of the German army headquarters in Camp Falkenstain, in the city of Koblenz, assumed the operational planning of a “NATO” intervention and the policing in Greece?
  14. Is it true Mrs. Merkel, that your government funded and supported the actions of the Skopje government (FYROM) at The Hague (on the case against Greece)?
  15. Is it true Mrs. Merkel that in a recent discussion, with officials from two separate countries, you predicted that in the near future some areas of Western Thrace and a belt around Florina will become independent, to provide protection to the minorities living there?
  16. Is it true Mrs. Merkel, that members of the Greek government asked for your protection, n fear of future persecution by the Greek justice system?
  17. Is it true Mrs. Merkel that the German companies operating in Greece pay kickbacks to third parties by overpricing their products? Is this why the ALDI company left Greece? Are these kickbacks used to buy out Greek politicians and journalists?
  18. Finally is it true Mrs. Merkel that a minister from your government gathered all the importers and exporters of the Greek wind turbine market in Berlin in the spring of 2010 and set up a cartel as well as began distributing regions to them throughout Greece? “…

We shall wait and see if more will continue… and with what method.

Story in Greek can be found on newsbomb.gr, inews.gr, defencenet.gr, ethnosnews.com, etc.


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