Greek-German Politician Says Greece Must Change Its Name!

OK folks… are you sitting down? German parliamentarian with the FDP party, Georgos Chatzimarkakis (yes you read correctly a Greek-German) told the magazine on Saturday that Greece should not be called Greece anymore because its name has been fried in the face of its European allies! This fruitcake of a politician actually had the manhood to say that the name of Greece in Europe translates to a broken political system and should cease to exist.

We want to remind Mr. Chatzimarkakis that the name “Europe” is Greek and as member of the Greek Communist Party Liana Kanelli said “you (meaning all of Europe) still need an Acropolis to have a European idea of a civilization” !

Aside from a wide FIVE FINGER salute which we extend with both hands to Mr. Chatzimarkakis, we also call on the Greek Omogeneia in Germany to punish him accordingly in his country’s forthcoming elections. Also we propose that he change his name into something that is not shameful to him… and that the Greek Consulate in Germany proclaim him as a persona non grata.

Ou na xatheis… 



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