Science Will Never Find A Cure For George (VIDEOS)

Science has allowed us to discover other planets, to make medical breakthroughs… but it has yet to solve the world according to George. To understand George you have to first come to grips with his sense of the word “reality” and if you do… make sure you hold a strong subscription for some sort of sedative… or better yet go green (yes… you know what we mean) because trust us you will need it! Following this you should be alright, everything will make sense and you will be smiling uncontrollably. On Thursday, good old George stood at the podium in front of his parliamentary group and with a serious face told his colleagues that the main reason he travels across the world as head of the international
socialist party is because he considers it his honor to convey “Greek
positions” on many issues. Excuse us Mr. Papandreou but when you are being interviewed by international news stations and call Greece and its people corrupt
you are really not “conveying” a positive image of our country now are

Total paranoia!

In George’s mind everyone else is to blame aside from his government who he says “worked” hard to turn Greece away from disaster. Annoyed from mounting criticism, he said that it is easy to blame the PASOK party for everything and he insisted that it was his duty to continue to work for the Greece of his “dreams”. This actually made us burst with laughter here on hellasfrappe… It reminded us of a slogan he used when he was running against former leader of the conservative party of Greece Costas Karamanlis. Papandreou had said that if voters voted for the conservatives then it would be barbaric… and that it would be wiser for us to vote for his socialist party. Specifically he had said what does Greece want… “socialism or barbarism” and we answer PLEASE BARBARISM because the socialism you spoke about Mr. Papandreou is killing us!

As expected he attacked the ND party and the conservatives in Europe noting that the conservatives are punishing southern EU states instead of working towards their development. And then our dear old George said another BAROUFA “If the program is foreign, it will fail, it will not be supported”.

This last comment literally through us off our rockers! Excuse us Mr. Papandreou but wasn’t it you who brought these foreigners to Greece in the first place? Wasn’t it your party that voted for all these agreements? Wasn’t it you who secretly held talks with former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Khan months before Greece signed an illegal document with the Troika?

Did you just wake up from hibernation or are you smoking something funny?

Finally he told PASOK parliamentarians to be proud of the decisions they took over the past two years and the puppets listening to him only did what they do best… they applauded! Yes dear friends believe it or not… George’s condition is contagious… the members of PASOK actually applauded his speech and then patted themselves on the back for destroying the Greek economy. 

Will science ever find a cure to George’s condition? No one knows… But we hope they do quickly, already 150+ buffoons have been inflicted with the same illness.

Here is the video with his speech… and hellasfrappe also posted a second video as a dedication to dear old George… It kinda expresses everything we feel about him.


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