Farmers Can Supply 94% Of Domestic Demand If Greece Returns To Drachma

In this difficult time for our nation, Greek farmers raised a flag of hope. The federation of Greek farmers (PASEGES) declared that if Greece were to return to the drachma, they can easily supply the whole population with all the goods it desired since its production capacity nears 94 percent of domestic demand. President of PASEGES Tzanetos Karamichas recently announced that authorities have lied to Greek citizens telling them that they would starve if Greece left the eurozone and returned to the drachma. According to his figures the Greek agricultural sector is very dynamic and if a sound agricultural policy was adopted then it would be able to meet 100 percent of the country’s needs.

Based on a study he presented concerning basic agricultural products (plant and livestock production) Greece was able to supply 94 percent of domestic demand in 2010.

More exactly, crop production covered 99 percent of domestic demand in 2010 but this figure varied between categories. One such instance is in grains which generated 82 percent of domestic demand in 2010, while the lowest rate in the same period was marked in soft wheat, or 32 percent, and the highest rate was marked in rice production approximately 171 percent.

There was also a high production of fruits in the same period, especially in citrus fruits such as oranges where production exceeded the 167 percent mark while lemons only yielded 67 percent of domestic demand (most lemons are covered by imports, especially from Turkey).

The production of other fruit products was also high, or was noted to surpass the 128 percent mark while the agricultural industry was not able to expand its production in the period under review for legumes which only apparently covered 39 percent of domestic demand.

Livestock was measured at 73 percent of domestic demand. (Beef was measured at 30 percent while meat from sheep totalled 94 percent of total domestic demand).

The production of dairy products was also high or was noted to be able to cover some 80 percent of domestic demand, while the production of feta cheese alone is averaged at a whopping 147 percent of total domestic demand.

Other products such as honey and eggs, apparently cover 92 and 91 percent, respectively of the country;s needs.

The president of PASEGES  noted that if Greece is forced to return to the drachma, then “the Greek people will not go hungry.”


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