BREAKING NEWS – Turkish Commandos Kidnap Cypriots In Light To Cyprus-Israeli STRATEGY Agreement

photo by defencenet

Turkish commandos (not Turkish police as on other occasions) apparently kidnapped two Greek Cypriots in the buffer zone near Bergama, near Dherynia on Wednesday, military reports in Athens said. Both victims, aged 42 and 33 years had visited the area εαρλυ on Wednesday in order to pluck wild asparagus and since then their whereabouts have gone missing. A report on defencenet said that two vehicles with Turkish special forces, interrupted them and after threatening them with gunfire dragged them into the occupied area of Nicosia, where they are currently being held. Cyprus has mobilized both the national guard and police, as well as contacted all UN forces.

Cyprus officials are trying to remain calm, because they believe that the move involves the STRATEGY agreement between Cyprus and Israel on the delimitation of search and rescue in the sea area between the two states, where both nations will practically share the southeastern Mediterranean. This has apparently aggrevated Ankara which had warned that it would react negatively if this came to pass.

The agreement is another slap to Ankara and the pseudo-state on Cyprus since Turkish diplomacy has done everything in its power (and has even sent naval forces) to challenge the ability of Cyprus to provide SAR services throughout the region responsible for Nicosia’s FIR.

The agreement is scheduled to be signed during a planned visit by Israeli Prime Minister B.Netanyahu to Cyprus later on in February.

The report also noted that military officials have documented a large movement of Turkish troops near the occupied area of Nicosia.

Hellasfrappe will be following the developments and posting updates as soon as they become available.


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