"LOVE" – Vote Forming Between LOVEerdos and Venizelos

It looks like there is a “LOVE”-vote forming between Health Minister Andreas Loverdos and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos. On Tuesday these PASOK cadres announced that they plan to cooperate in the framework of “reconstructing” the sinking PASOK party. Loverdos also said that he has withdrawn his candidacy for the leadership of PASOK and he will now fully support Evangelos Venizelos, which he described as the successor to
George Papandreou.

They also agreed on the need to support the government of Lucas Papademos so that it can complete its work. What they didn’t say, but is being whispered between political circles though, is that Loverdos is planning to back Venizelos on his initiative to take over PASOK’s leadership this week! More exactly, many ministers in the PASOK party that back Venizelos are planning to form a coup on Thursday when PASOK’s parliamentary group convenes and force George Papandreou to resign from leader.

The two ministers made the statements during a joint press conference to
announce policies to reduce spending on pharmaceuticals and appeared
confident that through “common” goals they would be able to guarantee
that PASOK stayed united.

The outcome of this “movement” is still unknown and it is still unclear if it will rally other leading cadres in the party such as Ioannis Ragousis and Anna Diamantopoulou.


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