SHOCKING REPORT – Mafia Banking Cartel Blackmailed Greece into Antiquities Debt Pay Off Deal

On the Monday, January 30 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones spoke with author, journalist, and former Goldman-Sachs director Nomi Prins about the MF Global scandal and the decision by the strapped Greek government to rent out the country’s antiquities in order to pay off a debt owed to international bankers. It was revealed that this global betting company went sour and is now out for blood and planning to “take” the secured funds from its customers.

Prins claims that MF global did this to prop up its bets and when it all fell apart it went before the US Congress they denied that anything ever happened, but according to her this was just one piece! Shockingly she revealed that the second piece concerns the betting on Europe. “What they basically bet on was that the powers in Europe, or the European Central Bank (ECB) with the backing of the Federal Reserve would come in and bail out not the countries, but the banks within the countries who own government debt of those countries,” said Prins. She went on to reveal that and once they would get the bailout money “they could prop up the government debt that was created to subsidize them to begin with and then they can go about their merry way leaving the countries themselves and those local economies in tatters”.

Now on to Greece, notes the former Goldman Sachs directer, the Greek people have had “four rounds of austerity”, with tax hikes, job cuts and sky-rocketing unemployment and its not the peoples fault! “They have already had a lot of austerity none of which has helped the local economy because it is not their fault. it is the fault of the banks that pilfered the country (and) a government that tried to stave that off using its own national banks as props and those national banks couldn’t contain the damage”.

She said that now Greece has had 110 billion euros of bailouts with strict austerity measures which have also not worked because simply “they don’t plug this banking problem”.

“So what we have is this continued global mess where in the United States we have had the FED fund trillions of dollars in subsidies to the banking system. The banks in return are holding 1.6 trillion dollars in reserves from the money they got at the FED for which they are getting interest.” Then she said that the ECB just did the same trick with the push of Secretary Treasurer Timothy Geithner -who was instrumental in the bank bailout in the US-  “whereby they extended loans at the end of 2011 to the banks in Europe (and) the banks in Europe took these cheap loans at one percent interest and put the money back into the ECB.”

“Now there are 600 billion euros worth of loans at the ECB. So in total there are 2.5 trillion dollars worth of money that the banking system has put back onto the books of the FED and the European Central Bank” while nothing is being done to help the populations in United States and Europe” since this is all happening at the expense of the people!

The money has been drained out, underlines Prins, but that was step one, in step two these same banks (hedge funds, collateral funds, etc) are now looking for collateral with what is left… what is left are the Greek islands, the Hellenic Power Company DEH, the (reserves), infrastructure etc…

We here at hellasfrappe are totally numb….

Do we have a justice system? Does the US have a justice system?

All THREE VIDEOS are a must watch!


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