SPECIAL REPORT – Interests Playing Ugly Game To Separate Crete From Greece

The biggest threat by far to the future of Hellenism and this nation are all the “anti-Hellenes” that have infested every sector of our democracy. Several months ago when George Papandreou referred to Crete as an independent state it left many dumbfounded and a couple of weeks later when oil giant Motorola also made the “same mistake” by referring to Crete as an autonomous nation we were all flabbergasted. Well the third hit came last week from a British website Indymedia.uk which clearly speaks of an “independent movement” forming on Crete and a local story that was published at the weekend now confirms that the game is now being played within Crete as well. The article in Indymedia notes that this movement is being funded and co-ordinated by powerful business
groups within Germany, who are hovering over Crete like vultures and taking a strong economic stronghold on the island.

Folks, the whole issue of Macedonia, Epirus, the Dodecanese Islands, Thrace and in this case Crete is a classic case of divide and conquer, similar to the wars held by the mighty armies of the past. This is how our world’s global elite carved up Africa during the colonial period. Today they might not use armies, they simply strangle a country economically and its invaders wear three-piece suits and use financial tyranny instead.

Vodafone TV ads depicting the Cretan flag, to German entrepreneurs who
actually sell the Cretan flag on e-Bay (!) there’s an ongoing propaganda “campaign” building that is actually endorsing the idea of a separation of Crete from Greece.

The idea is in full force, and some
media publications (with shady interests) are already insisting that Cretans will be given a chance to hold a
referendum in 2012 and vote on whether or not they want to remain a part of the
Greek state! Law makers, politicians and prominent Cretans like
the Mayor of Chania, George Skoulakis, categorically dismiss such a scenario and
do not even accept talking about it, nonetheless the vultures hovering over the island are using well known methods to turn people’s perception about this in their favor.

George Papandreou was their tool. When he came into power our New World Order premier commissioned Minister of Interior G.Ragousis to draft a new law giving autonomy to the prefectures in Greece. When the law was ratified in Parliament hellasfrappe had said that it was going to be used by Papandreou (who we have all realized is 100 percent ATI-HELLENE) to help foreign interests “carve up” the country and it was not going to follow the 3-level government example of Canada. They criticized us for these views, and said we were conspiracy artists… unfortunately we were right!

Now things are very serious… the game is being played inside Crete. According to cretalive.gr some local blogs on the island of Crete are now featuring the Cretan flag in order to drive up fanaticism. And we ask, whose game are they playing, and why?

The article says that they are even endorsing a public debate on the issue and they want the island’s largest university to hold a public opinion poll to see what the residents actually want! If the results of this opinion poll indicate that the majority of Hellenes on Crete want to separate from Greece then a referendum will be endorsed!

Kosovo began in the same way, the issue of FYROM began in the same way, and we repeat they are using the same tactics in several prefectures all around the country and as noted this is exactly what they are doing on Crete. Please also note that all the areas mentioned are either rich in natural gas and oil, or other precious metals.

My fellow Hellenes, the time has come to unite. This is the only way to keep our nation together as a whole as
well as to safeguard our interests for it is clear that the countries we
once believed to be our allies have evolved into our worst nightmare.

This is a serious matter and needs to be addressed by all Hellenes everywhere. That is why we here at hellasfrappe encourage you to call on your local Cretan organizations, and associations and address this issue. We all have to work together in order to weed out these negative “movements” that are working on the island and which if ignored will only intensify. Keep in mind that we have no time to waste, desperation in these difficult times might cloud people’s minds and lead them to make decisions that will prove disastrous in the long-run. That is why we have to act now.

Marina Spanos


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