Skopje Propaganda Gets Crushed By Albanian Historian

Following a “grand smack”  that the leadership of FYROM received from its own scientists who testified that their DNA is related to other Slavic nations, an Albanian historian released a new book that says that not only are FYROManians Slavs, but were a small minority in the city of Skopje at the turn of the last century! In a book titled “Evidence of Albanians in Skopje” (or the original: «Dëshmi për Shkupin shqiptar», Skender Hasani, president of the Association of Albanian Historians, presents Italian documents showing in detail the demographic composition of the population during the years 1912 – 1941 which prove the superiority of the Albanian population in the city of Skopje.  The document (from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) verifies that in 1912 Skopje had 80 percent Albanian population.

More precisely, and in accordance to the documents, the population of Skopje was averaged at about 50,000 persons, 40,000 of which were Albanians. Hasani notes that Immediately after the occupation of Skopje in 1912 by the Serbs, a project began being implemented to reform the land bringing with it settlers from “shumadia”. As a result, he adds, the structure of the population was apparently changed, but between the years 1943 –1944, Skopje was once again dominated by Albanians.

In addition to this, 17th century Geography Scholar Evliya Celebi had stated that the residents of Skopje spoke the Albanian language and not the so called “Macedonian” as claimed by the modern leadership of the country, and this is because the Slavic population only arrived to Skopje after the Turkish wars. The historian says that the government of FYROM can build all the statues and monuments it pleases, but it cannot delete history.

In researching the story hellasfrappe discovered through Wikipedia that shortly after the defeat of Turkey by the Balkan allies, a conference of ambassadors of the Great Powers (Britain, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, France, and Italy) convened in London in December 1912 to settle the outstanding issues raised by the conflict. With support given to the Albanians by Austria-Hungary and Italy, the conference agreed to create an independent state of Albania, which became a reality in 1913. However, the boundaries of the new state were drawn in such a way that large areas with Albanian populations remained outside of Albania, including the area that would go on to become the Socialist Republic of Macedonia.

We here at hellasfrappe wonder how some policy makers at FYROM now feel with this new evidence  since it is obvious that this country has an identity crisis and from what it looks like they also have a minority issue as well.

How would the people in FYROM now respond if a village somewhere in Albania held a carnival and featured a coffin covered with their flag and set it ablaze like they did several days ago against Greece?

Or how would they like if residents in Tirana held a handball game and started shouting slogans that they were going to take back the city of Skopje?

Would they like it?


It is not nice to have the tables reversed now is it?


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