SPECIAL REPORT – Masterminds Of ELSTAT Fake Deficit Finally Exposed

The iron gates of hell have opened and the “masterminds” of the biggest scam in Greek history are finally being exposed! They are now forced to stand in a pool of burning lava and take the heat. Their complete and utter panic is evident and they have set out to terrorize and threaten everything that attempts to reveal the truth. Didn’t they know… there is no perfect crime?

On Tuesday an inqury was sent by Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannou.calling for the replacement of the two financial proseutors -namely, Grigoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis- to the Supreme Judicial
Council who last week suggested that the case they were investigating about the falsification of the Greek statistics for 2009 should be passed to Parliament so MPs
could decide if former Prime Minister George Papandreou should face

The justice minister’s move comes after two weeks of controversy that

began when Peponis and Mouzakitis
submitted their resignations on December 28, 2011, noting interference
in their work by politicians, businessmen, as well as other
personalities. Reports had quoted them as saying that the finance
ministry was
drafting an amendment that would eventually replace them and
they retaliated because they did not like being “dictated to” or serve
“alibis” for various organized interests.

The Ministry
was indeed planning an amendment to relieve them from their duties -especially from the cases they were probing- and the same reports claimed
that their positions would have been filled by Supreme
Court deputy prosecutors. But the tables turned around since the two prosecutors decided to retract their resignations and continue
with the investigation.

Following the long intro we arrive to Tuesday. The results of their
investigation last week showed an alleged link to George Papandreou and
Papakonstantinou. The news, which sent shock waves to the ruling PASOK
party, probably angered
(or rather panicked) many dedicated supporters
of George Papandreou such as Justice Minister Papaioannou, who suddenly
and undemocratically decided to send a request to the Supreme Court for
their replacement. In other words… he wants them out of the way!

Papaioannou’s request was sent to the Supreme Judicial Council, while copies were
also sent to Supreme Court prosecutor Ioannis Tentes and the two
financial prosecutors’ immediate supervisor, Supreme Court deputy
prosecutor Nikolaos Pantelis. In the letter,
Papaioannou stressed the importance of the newly created office of
financial prosecutor for fighting corruption in public and financial
life and underlined that the “national effort cannot be weakened by
vague and unsupported accusations about people and interests that
supposedly obstruct efforts to seek out the truth”.

the members of the council decide to replace Peponis and Mouzakitis,
they should appoint “two new appeals court deputy prosecutors with the
task of investigating financial crime, who can carry out this important
and valuable work with the cool headedness, independence, responsibility
and, of course, reliability that is required,” the justice minister

Supreme Court president Rena Asimakopoulou
will now have to appoint a judge to act as rapporteur for the justice
minister’s request and set a date when the council will convene to
decide on the issue.

The council has the right to refuse the request.

on the justice minister’s intervention, Mouzakitis, one of the
prosecutors, noted that this was “within the duties and rights of the
justice minister” and that the matter was now in the hands of the
Supreme Judicial Council. “I want to continue to serve
justice as financial prosecutor. But wherever else I am placed, I will
continue to do my duty,” he added.

Asked to comment on
Papaioannou’s statement that he and his colleague had undermined the
standing of the justice system through their actions, Mouzakitis denied
the accusation. “We struck against tax evasion. In the
last eight to ten weeks we have examined hundreds of files on tax
evaders, given orders for more than 300 arrests throughout Greece and
all this without the slightest help. “For seven months we have been asking for just one assistant to help us. We have continued our work,” he emphasised.

And while this was going on, the head of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) Andreas Georgiou, who was still working for the International Monetary Fund (IMF ?) when he was appointed to this position over a year ago, sent a letter to the Supreme Court through his lawyer demanding that he too wanted to finally give evidence as part of the investigation. In his letter, Georgiou suggested that the probe had been laid open to “political exploitation” and that it was putting the reliability of Greek statistics in question.

This was a suspicious move, since reports noted that the two prosecutors had invited Georgiou to give his testimony several times, but he had refused to do so. What made him suddenly change his mind? Is it because he wants to slow down the investigation? Even Professor at the University of Macedonia and committee member of the Greece’s National Statistical Service (ELSTAT) Zoe Georganta confirmed that he had been invited to give his testimony in a radio interview to BHMAfm that was published in a similar report here on hellasfrappe earlier in the week.

And then the extraordinary happened, on Wednesday Papaioannou suddenly said that he now wants the probe to go to parliament and be investigated in an express debate.

Express? We don’t think so Mr. Papaioannou… not this time.

Brussels on the other hand is keeping a close eye on the case. Reports in Athens said that the Commission has denied to make any comments as of yet, and rather recalls previous statements. But it was also noted that they are closely monitoring the developments with a great deal of concern.

So what does all this mean? Simple… In
2010 the ruling socialist party of George Papandreou did everything in its power to convince us that Greece had no choice but to result to the IMF and the Memorandum. They insulted us as people, called us corrupted, characterized the Greek economy a sinking “titanic” and slapped tax payers with the worst austerity measures in our nation’s history.

For two years we were blackmailed every month and threatened by our own government to pay more tax hikes, specialty tax and so on… The media day and night threatened our seniors that if they did not comply to what they were being told then their pensions would be slashed (which they were). Then they had the audacity to applaud our younger generation who were leaving Greece by the thousands to seek work abroad, and what is worse thousands upon thousands of people lost their homes, their businesses and dropped below the poverty line.

No sooner did 2012 come in, and now they are doing everything in their power to “cloud” our brains once more with what is by far the BIGGEST SCANDAL of SCANDALS to ever infect Greece!

To prove our point, when the story broke out last Friday we have heard the most incredible things from reporters, from politicians from within the PASOK party as well as from other personalities who are mostly illiterate and just tragic liars.

A new propaganda campaign is actually trying to convince us that there are only political and
not criminal crimes committed here and the Greek people should totally ignore the fact that the 2009 deficit magically climbed to 15.4% of GDP. And if that wasn’t enough they are flat out telling us that we should never forget that we deserve all these austerity measures because we were naughty… we were living beyond our means… and only good will come out of this!

How can a population who lived on a mere salary of 800-1,200 euros a month, live beyond its means? When a cup of coffee costs twice as much as that in Germany, or Italy or even in Montreal? How did Greeks live beyond their means when the price of renting a small flat is equal to that of an apartment in any German city where the salaries are 4 times that of in Greece!

Has anyone considered that?

There was only one section of the population that lived beyond its means… and that was the elite. No one else… the general population (and especially the private sector) lived on 800-1,200 euros (per capita) per month!

We heard statements of every sort, as well as a barrage of attacks on the Greek judicial system which were clearly made to terrorize the prosecutors and believe it or not there was even an indirect warning made against officials at the Supreme Court to recognize the probe as being incomplete so that it can return it to the Public Prosecutor’s office.

Didn’t the “masterminds” of this crime know that the immunity law (drafted by Finance Minister Evangelos himself in the late 80s) notes that once a prosecutor stumbles on political names… the case MUST immediately and “without delay” be sent to the Greek parliament?

Obviously PASOK knows this… after all they designed this law in the first place!

If the case was stalled for Georgiou’s so called “new evidence”, then the two prosecutors would be charged of violating the above mentioned law. But of course PASOK knows this… they just wanted to spread their green cloak of control on the Greek justice system… as they have done with every other sector of Greek public life.

That is why we here at hellasfrappe believe that PASOK is in total panic. It is almost like they can not grasp the simplest things. We repeat.. THE DEFICIT WAS SENT TO EUROSTAT WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE (and/or approval) OF THE ELSTAT BOARD… as declared by law!!!


This alone is a criminal offense in itself.

Did the head of ELSTAT take the decision to send this information on his own?

That is what everyone should ask themselves.

Because when you get right down to it… Greek legislation cannot only apply to the common citizen, the state has to first comply by the very laws it generates and as dictated in the Greek constitution!

So… What is it exactly that they do not understand?

It is obvious that they are ignoring this important factor as well as the fact that until the time this article was written there was still no statistical board operating at ELSTAT. What? Georgiou is a one man show? A former IMF member at the head of Greece’s statistical authority…. ououou party time!

cannot continue. Hopefully Supreme Court Judge Ioannis Tentes will ignore all the nonsense he has been hearing over the last few days and continue with what he is obligated to do… uphold the law.
Speaking about irrelevant statements, speaking on Real Fm, the former minister of Justice Harris
Kastanidis raised a number of issues that were clearly made out of support to Papandreou and Papakonstantinou.

He said what many other PASOK cadres are saying these days… Greece signed the Memorandum with the Troika in May 2010 and the statistics were announced several months later or in the late fall of the same year and therefore why would the government want to “cook” the numbers when we had already signed the agreement?

Kastanidis and his colleagues forget that although we signed the Memorandum (which we repeat was not ratified by 2/3 of the parliament or 180 votes) the government had yet to announce the series of austerity measures that it was planning to take because they needed the statistics to do so.

He also said that debts from the public utility companies had to be included. Is he so certain that the debts were calculated correctly as dictated by the EU? Was the right methodology implemented? Were the deficits authentic? Is he an expert in statistics and we did not know about it?

He should think long and hard before he speaks… as should other members of his party. His party did not have the right statistics for the public utility companies because on November 19, 2010 hired a private auditing company to do so!

And if that wasn’t enough… these members of PASOK have been trying to convince us over the last few days that the deficit was indeed 15.4% when (Kastanidis) supported that the Governor of the bank of Greece (Mr. Provopoulos) predicted a deficit of no more than 9.5%.

This is not even a DOUBLE DIGIT. Remember when Georgantas said in one of the videos we published in similar reports that even a .5% difference equalled to billions of euros? THEN IMAGINE WHAT 5 PERCENT EQUALS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we here at hellasfrappe propose that PASOK should stop sobbing over the fact that two prosecutors actually had the courage to finally do what they were appointed to do… which is UPHOLD THE LAW… even if it means that George Papandreou has to stand in trial. They should instead be sobbing over the fact that Papandreou and Papakonstantinou brutally destroyed a whole nation of people!


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