SPECIAL REPORT – Time For George To Stand Trial!

Greek citizens on Sunday got stunned when Health Minister Andreas Loverdos said that “whoever tries to harm Papandreou will only provoke carnage in this country,”. In other words keep your mouths shut Greek people… or else. Is it something in the air, or have our political leaders totally lost their marbles? Our best guess here at hellasfrappe is that it is number two because when someone is in panic he or she does not think or see straight. This also probably explains why the “mothers” of specific political leaders began seeking legal advice over the weekend on whether or not their children can actually be criminally prosecuted. All these little slip ups only prove one thing… the gates of hell have opened wide and ready to take the political world by storm! Unfortunately those who are most affected are the people of this country who have no where to turn to and are presently paddling for dear life in a sea that stinks corruption. The only thing they long for is a sign of a “leader” with the patriotic glove to finally lead the country into safe harbors.

 In come two prosecutors (Mr. Peponis and Mr. Mouzakitis) who did the impossible!

They had the courage to point the finger at George Papandreou and Geroge Papakonstantinou and ask that they be questioned in a courtroom about using “accounting tactics” and purposely bloating the 2009 state deficit which forced our country to fall into the cradle of the Troika.

A move which no one expected, even the Greek judicial system
itself. Is this the only chance Greece has to finally begin weeding out its very
corrupt political system?

Who knows? You know what they say in this country… this is Greece… and
because we have been plagued with a Green cloud in this country for over
24 years now its difficult to crush such a strong corrupted system.

Click here to view statements by Loverdos

Take for instance the mere fact that two prosecutors dared to mention two names in PASOK. You see folks in Green Greece it is only acceptable to criticize other political parties
such as the conservatives (blue party), the communists (red party) or even the Coalition of the Left and Progress -Synaspismos- Orange Party, but don;t you dare ever say
a negative word about PASOK. Every agent on the mainstream media will crush you for even daring to do so. Take MEGA channel reporter Mr. Pretenderis for instance. He recently slammed Professor at the University of Macedonia and committee member of the Greece’s National Statistical Service (ELSTAT) Zoe Georganta, for having the courage to bring this whole ase to light.

On Monday Georganta told BHMAFm radio that she personally holds Papakonstantinou responsible for this whole scandal. This was common knowledge to former finance minister “Papaconstantinou and (his general secretariat) Mr
Plaskovitis. We (the board of ELSTAT) had informed him (Plaskovitis”, she said.

Georganta underlined that Plaskovitis knew
everything and should also be questioned. “He is also very responsible”.

Asked to comment on the investigation results (from the two prosecutors), Georganta said she was relieved while she expressed her belief that the interventions made on the deficit “were a result of pressure from Eurostat, the EU and Olli Rehn” himself!

She also said something else which totally knocked us off our rocking chairs. Georganta also revealed that the Executive Director of Eurostat, Mr
Rantermacher met in secret with interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos in mid December and urged him to interfere and file the case as quickly as possible.

Folks, we have actually reached the point in our history where we are actually witnessing men and women in power who have sworn on the bible to uphold the constitution – and some who are even constitutionalists by trade – openly threaten the people of this country and its judicial prosecutors. We are also hearing many European names and have now come to realize that we are not talking about the gates of hell here… this is hell itself.

So if we the people support the prosecutors then what? Chaos would brake out….?

Oh really Mr. Loverdos and Company?


Excuse us… but the only thing we see is complete and utter panic on the side of PASOK. What are you all afraid of anyway?

Indirectly, the PASOK party is telling us to take into account the magnitude of the name Papandreou…. If this is not a joke then we do not know what is. Who… the man that Wikileaks cables said conducted “secret diplomacy” and wants (or already has) signed over half the Aegean to Turkey?

PASOK is offended that Public Prosecutor Gregory Peponis discovered that the 2009 deficit was indeed tampered with and bloated on purpose. Excuse us… but this is the first case (and perhaps the last time) that a case like this will actually make it to Parliament. Besides… if our memory serves us correctly wasn’t it PASOK that said that it wanted clarity?

So then why so much panic over the statistics of ELSTAT?

The only answer is… that there is enough evidence!

Why do we believe this? Because the data provided to Eurostat by Greece’s ELSTAT was in breach of the founding of its Act which dictates that all decisions of the Authority are the product of extensive research and ratified by ALL the members of its Board, which NEVER HAPPENED!
So then why all the grim faces and indirect threats Mr. Loverdos, Mr. Beglitis and company?

Why all these ridiculous arguments?

The questions are simple. Did your government give this data to Eurostat without the consent of the ELSTAT Board? And if this is so, then you should know that this alone is a serious violation and  sufficient enough to be addressed by Justice.

Was the data announced by Eurostat in the wake of municipal elections (ie on November 15. 2010), while the statistics for all of the other countries in the Eurozone were already announced from October 21st? Yes they were… and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why your government did this. You were afraid of public reaction and since we were heading for municipal elections, you wanted your candidates to win as many votes as possible.

Did your government allow all the public utility companies and the hospitals to add their debts to the deficit without ever following mandatory statistical methodology from competent statistical analysts?  Yes you did… because almost the entire board of the statistical committee backs Georgantas’ story.

Four days after the deficit was announced didn’t your government commission a firm of chartered accountants in a project titled “Collection, coding and analysis of financial assets of selected public utliity companies? Yes it did… Excuse us but didn’t ELSTAT claim that it had done so already? Four days earlier it had given specific statistics to the EU authority. Why hire a private company to do so at the expense of the state? Clearly… there was no precise data….

On December 1, 2011 didn’t Minister of Finance Evangelos Venizelos confess that all the undeclared liabilities of 2008 made by public hospitals were recorded in the official report to Eurostat that was sent on October 2009? Yes he did. We don’t think we need to remind you that the EU does not require registration of non-recurring costs of hospitals, but only separate cases. (And this is because if a country is crushed by a wave of two million immigrants in one year and generates massive costs in its hospital care this does not necessarily mean that these costs would be repeated the following year as well).

We can go on for hours Mr. Loverdos and company…. There is too much evidence and it is too incriminating.

But of course your government chose to attack the prosecutors and tell us that we as a people have no right to be concerned over the national interests of our country or even criticize its political leaders for lying to us. While you also had the audacity to warn us with an “or else” if we even attempted to utter a word.

Oh Really?


Ti pinete kai den mas dinete?

How ironic… your government won a campaign two and a half years ago by telling us that you wanted to come into power to safeguard the Greek people against the
“regime” (as you had termed it) of the former government government of
Costas Karamanlis. It is ludicrous. Karamanlis’ term in
office cannot compare to what we as a society have endured over the
past two years under your rule.

Karamanlis never insulted the Greek people, he never went on
international news services as Papandreou did and termed our country corrupt and its citizens corrupted. Karamanlis might of
not had the best team, but at least they never accused the people of this country of “eating
everything together” -ta fagame oloi mazi- (meaning enjoying kickbacks) as Theodore Pangalos
did. We don’t remember any of Karamanlis’ ministers saying that they wanted to
erase the cross from the national flag as one of your own cadres did, or specifically Mr. Sifounakis, and most
importantly Karamanlis would have never sold out his countrymen via “secret diplomacy” on matters that concern FYROM, our mineral wealth and the Aegean as Papandreou did, (as proven in Wikileaks cables and other such classified documents).

To prove our point.. imagine if Karamanlis was
in power and two prosecutors suddenly announced that he and his
minister of finance committed fraud and have to stand trial. Imagine if
he was chummy chummy with people like George Soros like Papandreou is, or with “institutions” such as Lazaard and imagine if it was
discovered that members of his family were involved with hedge fund
gamblers, and owned a company in Switzerland that was betting on Greece’s default. Can you imagine the general mood? Imagine this was going on an the brother of Karamanlis was driving around in a porche and land rover and flying off for lobster to Qatar while thousands of common citizens were standing in
line at soup kitchens?

The only thing that is certain
is that complete and utter chaos cannot begin describe the scenes on the
streets. Vandalism, fires, looting and God knows what else would be
reported from one corner of the country to the other. The mainstream
media would have 24hour live news broadcasts on this, all the main
opposition parties would be on the streets protesting with anarchists
and helping them throw Molotov petrol bombs. Oh… and every major
television news network from across the globe would be in Greece in
order to cover the event.

But this is a “green” run state. A Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission run government, and as such the poor prosecutors are being slammed instead!

of complimenting their work, and giving them the support they need in
order to continue with their investigation, the PASOK party (through the
mouths of many of its Ministers) has decided to verbally attack (and indirectly
threaten) the prosecutors for being honest and doing what they were
assigned to do… THEIR JOB!

If that is not insanity then we do not know what is.


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