BREAKING NEWS – Prosecutors Ask For Papandreou & Papakonstantinou To Be Charged For Bloating 2009 Deficit

The gates of hell have finally opened! A shocking article was just released claiming that heavy criminal activity was noted by prosecutors investigating the fake deficit case (claiming that -accounting tactics- were used to purposely bloat the 2009 deficit) from Troika auditors in cooperation with the government of George Papandreou. As a result, they formerly asked the Greek Parliament to immediately investigate former Prime Minister George Papandreou and former Finance Minister and current Minister of Environment  George Papakonstantinou for being directly involved! The breaking story just made headlines on the military defense site defensenet, as well as and is currently being analyzed on Kontra Channel. According to the authors in both articles there is strong circumstantial evidence that indicates that the government purposely inflated the deficit which later lead the country to the cradle of the IMF, it obligated it to sign a shameful Memorandum and threw our nation into severe recession.

Remember the story which hellasfrappe featured two weeks ago about the two financial prosecutors who claimed that they were victims of state interference while they were examining specific “hot potato” tax fraud cases? Apparently their complaints were very serious since Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Tentes instructed Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court and inspector Fotis Makris to investigate the case right away. At the time, and from the pressure they were receiving the prosecutors -Spyros Mouzakitis and Gregory Peponis – decided to resign, but later resumed their investigation. (Click here to read that story)

Well the results of the investigation are finally in and the report made by the two economic prosecutors (to a Supreme Court Prosecutor) claims that from the evidence collected so far (witnesses, documents and in particular from the testimony) severe evidence has surfaced prove that there are severe criminal acts that have been committed against the Greek state by the government of George Papandreou. The report also underlines that:most of the testimony explicitly refers to the “swelling” (or as we have said here on hellasfrappe the artificial bloating) of the 2009 state deficit and notes that those responsible are the former Prime Minister George Papandreou, members of his government and especially former Finance Minister George Papakostantinou. 

It must be reiterated that in mid September Professor at the University of Macedonia and committee member of the Greece’s National Statistical Service (ELSTAT) Zoe Georganta, outwardly accused Papakonstantinou of purposely “falsifying” the country’s deficit in 2009 (just after George Papandreou’s PASOK party came into power). Georganta said at the time that the final numbers that were presented by the government were known by Eurostat, which apparently also participated in this act of fraud. From what she said, the Greek deficit for 2009 was deliberately estimated at 15.4% from Eurostat because they purposely inflated it to be larger than that of Ireland’s debt which was estimated at 14%. “The deficit was artificially inflated in 2009 to show that the country had the largest across Europe, including that of Ireland which was 14% in order to justify the severe measures the government wanted to implement on the country. And (that is why) Eurostat presented it at 15,4% “. Georganta has said that even a 0.05 percent difference means billions of euros! She had also said back then that they were warned to keep their “mouths shut” about this because the situation in Greece was crucial. (Click here to read that story)

Two weeks later the President of the Athens Bar Association, John Adamopoulos issued a formal complaint and called on the Supreme Court to intervene on this matter since evidence was showing that indeed “accounting tactics” were used. (Click here to read that story also)

Just several days after that Georganta, this brave (VERY BRAVE) woman went on the George Trangas talk show where she said something else that was extremely interesting. The Professor noted that all of the board members of the former committee still do not know how the deficit from 6.9, suddenly went to 12 and then to jumped to a whopping 15.4% because they were not allowed to survey the data and thus give their professional opinions. (Click here to read that story as well)

At the moment, George Papandreou is in Costa Rica where he is attending an international meeting of socialist party leaders. No one knows what will happen once he returns to Greece. The question is… will he return?

We here at hellasfrappe do not know whether to laugh or cry, because we have been saying that this was a fake debt crisis from DAY ONE! They are TRAITORS and should pay the price for destroying our country!

That is why we dedicate the following video to PASOK and especially George Papandreou! Hell is going to look a lot more appealing to you Mr. Papandreou once you return to Greece…


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