Airlines Ready To Slap Tax On Overweight Passengers

Airlines are getting set to launch a special campaign against over-weight people and are planning to tax every excessive gram of weight we have on our bodies. The “stupid” if not “insulting” idea to profit from people who are overweight has not found much support, but there are some airlines such as Quantas and Air France who actually like the idea, while companies such as Australian airlines have declared that they would boycott the proposal altogether.

Former economist of Qantas airline (Australia) Tony Webber said that heavy people should pay for their excessive weight just like everyone pays extra for excess luggage. According to him, airplanes burn more fuel if there are overweight passengers on board.

Lawyers and human rights activists are obviously against the idea and have now joined the discussion on this ridiculous proposal. Everyone agreed that ideas such as these are discriminating and no one had the right to raise the fees for their services on the base of some one’s appearance or weight.

Read more: pravda


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