Greeks Looks Into Energy Conection With Cyprus

The construction of an underwater pipeline for the transmission of natural gas from Cyprus to Greece via Crete is now becoming more feasible than ever before and from every technical aspect, In an interview to the Cypriot edition of Kathimerini on Sunday, Greek Environment, Energy Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou confirmed that Athens has the draft version of a study on the subject and explained that the implementation of the plan will depend on its economic viability. The study, as it was revealed, was conducted by the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA). Papaconstantinou noted that Greece is also ready to receive natural gas in liquefied form.

The minister stated that during his talks in Nicosia last week, the issue of the interconnection of the two countries’ power grids was discussed so that the Cypriot electricity network could be linked to that of continental Greece. The possibility of connecting the two countries’ natural gas and electricity networks is seen as bringing an effective energy union between Greece and Cyprus closer. Asked whether he foresees a standoff with Turkey in the energy domain, the minister responded that “the reaction of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean has more to do with its differences with Greece and Cyprus than with the issue of energy per se.”


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