George Is Still Around… But Kammenos Is Waiting Behind The Corner (VIDEO)

George is still around and even though he continually claims that he is not glued to his presidential chair. He enters and exits the presidential mansion, meets and holds talks with the interim premier whenever it suits him and all this during a period when his family’s involvement in a CDS bond scandal is being placed under the microscope by the state prosecution.

Returning from his trip abroad on Thursday afternoon, PASOK leader George Papandreou went directly to parliament, where according to his colleagues, he had met up with interim Greek premier Lucas Papademos. Discussion centered on the developments in Europe and Greece, the country’s priorities in the coming period, the support of the government, the state of negotiations on the implementation of the PSI and the completion of the new program. On Friday morning he met with President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias, and here is where the laughter sets in… when exiting the Presidential Palace he told reporters that every one’s attention should now turn on how to support the “agreement” that was decided last October with our EU partners -the same agreement of which he wanted to hold a referendum for!

After putting Greece in the worse economic position it has been in decades, and after lowering the quality of life for every living citizen in this country Papandreou also had the audacity to say that this would “help to lift heavy weights from the Greek people and to put new contracts in this country,  (and new) foundations that will provide jobs and bring investment.” To think he said all this with a serious face. We here at hellasfrappe could not help but burst out with hysterical laughter. The man has no shame whatsoever!

Members of his family have been accused of actually being part of a company that sells bonds that bet against Greece and clearly this means that he wants Greece to default because his own brother will get very rich by it… and he still has the b***lls to parade back and forth like nothing has happened?

Just yesterday MP Panos Kammenos published even more evidence against him, and even though the justice system has finally intervened is George sweating about this… nahhhhhhh, so I guess you all can guess what a fair justice system we have.

Speaking on
RealFm Kammenos reiterated that he will continue to submit evidence on
this case to the prosecution and insisted on the allegations he made which state that the brother (Andreas) of George Papandreou is “working in a company
that is betting on the collapse of the country” are completely true. Kammenos noted that a flood of information is finally arriving to Greece from Greeks (and foreigners) all over the world, which show that this was a huge set-up and allowed many to profit on the backs of the Greek people.

Turning to good old George himself, Kammenos said proudly “I fought him while he was in power, now he is being pushed around by all those who were sucking up to him before”.

Kammenos was referring to LAmbrakis Publishing President Stavros Psychari’s recent statements about “rotten corn and a jet ” as well as posh apartment in Knightsbridge. Psycharis was referring to George’s buddy Daris (Theodoros) Margellos a Greek-London businessman who was once called “Kalambokanthropos” (or Corn man) because of his involvement with the 1980s scandal of Apostolopoulos and Athanasopoulos and the notorious case of Greek-ization (or forced domestication) of Yugoslav corn to earn EU grants.

Several months ago, and following the accusations by Kammenos, Papandreou was seen in London eating at the lavish Zuma sushi restaurant with none other than Margelos. (click here for complete story)

Turning to the leader of the main opposition New Democracy party Antonis Samaras, Kammenos said that he will not run in the next national elections with the New Democracy party if the conservatives sign the loan agreements adding that the New Democracy party has reached a flip-flopped on many issues, “six months ago it said otherwise… and today it has compromised its position with the present government”, which he describes is not in our country’s favor.


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