SPECIAL REPORT – Give Us Your Oil And Gas Of 1 trillion For Loans Of 360 Billion

Our country’s wealth under the sea, and below the ground is apparently under the microscope and eyed by many vultures. In fact our creditors have included this wealth, said to be more than 1 TRILLION EUROS in their list of demands – beyond reproach called “English law” –
and the possibility of it being confiscated is as real as real can get if we as a nation cannot repay our debts.

This transfer of ownership of all of Greece’s energy reserves will be moved to the Greek Public Asset Fund. This cannot happen at present because the relevant oil and gas deposits have yet to be fully defined, but according to a military report on defencenet this provision will be included in the new Memorandum of Understanding!

The report also said that it has confirmed this report and expects interim premier Lucas Papademos to use this negotiating “card” with Greece’s creditors. (nooooooooo! Really? … That is why they placed him there in the first place!)

He is expected to emphasize that strong evidence of hydrocarbon deposits can contribute to a great leap in development, since they are valuable both for Europeans and Americans and that is why our creditors should support the country.


Papademos wants to give away hydrocarbon reserves at a moderate value of ONE TRILLION EUROS for loans of 360 billion euros!

The news simply confirms an earlier report that was printed here on hellasfrappe saying that “Russian and Israeli officials have apparently asked temporary prime minister Lucas Papademos to immediately begin exploration drilling under Crete for natural gas and oil and not wait for relevant surveys to be conducted since they already know that there is oil and gas… in them there hills…. More exactly, officials from Gazprom and Rosneft as well as the Israeli Delek recently said that they do not need any additional elements to begin immediate exploration since they have already confirmed LARGE DEPOSITS in this area and have all the evidence they need in order to begin drilling immediately. They also said that since they will take full responsibility for risk drilling they see no reason why the Greek government will not give them the “green light” to begin doing just that!”  – click here to read article.

It is therefore obvious why the government did not reply to this demand
by the Israelis and the Russians… since they were planning to give it
all away to the northern Europeans and the Americans and were simply stalling for the almighty “haircut” to occur and the new Memorandum to be signed. The Russians were correct when they said a few days ago that “they will take everything (you own) for pennies.” But again…. members of the PASOK government did not listen!

This is by far the LARGEST SCANDAL that ever hit this country and a NATIONAL ISSUE of huge proportions.

This is how Arab countries were once run – under colonial status- just before the nationalization of oil fields and this will definitely lead to unforeseen scenes (of chaos and God knows what else) inside and outside of Greece.

Certainly the man behind all of this, and solely responsible for this development is George Papandreou as well as members of the PASOK government. How is it that they denied the existence of oil and natural gas for well over one year… and suddenly made a 360 degree turn? Eminent scientists presented comprehensive reports, surveys etc …

Obviously this was the plan.. and Papandreou was the tool that allowed this to happen.

And just to back up this last statement, why didn’t the PASOK government use this information when negotiations with the EU and the IMF began over one year ago but stubbornly denied the existence of oil and gas?

Why did they change their stance ONLY after the signing of the memorandum?

Could it be that the country was PURPOSELY led to this situation for these very reasons, namely the looting of our energy resources?

Is this why Papandreou purposely did not accept a loan from Russia which at the time would have saved our economy.

Is this why they toppled the government of Costas Karamanlis because he wanted these resources to help develop Greece and place us on the global energy map? Is this why they attempted to assassinate him as well… (and from what was reported Papandreou knew this also).

Couldn’t Greece follow the example of Cyprus, which received a loan from Russia at the right moment and therefore saved its ailing economy and is now going to become one of the richest nations in all of Europe.

Papandreou and his band of merry men have much to answer to…

And then they claim that we here at hellasfrappe are conspiracy
artists…. judge the evidence yourselves! We have been saying this from
the start! We knew that they would destabilize the country,
economically, politically and socially so that they can steal our
national wealth! The question now is… what are we the people going to do about this… We have to act, and we have to do it NOW.


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